WOW! Our President Did It…..

Absolutely amazing! What Mexico has agreed to basically kills the flow of illegals. The finalized agreement is below. Pay very close attention to the Migration Protection Protocols. 

This basically means that every single person asking for asylum will be immediately returned to Mexico until a judge can hear their case. Catch and release is officially DEAD!

The CoC, Koch Brothers, Democrats RINOs, MSM, Catholic Churches etc. are crying like little infants this evening. The gravy train has been brought to a complete stop.

For those that are worried about the courts, don’t be because the 9th Circuit overruled the Federal Judge that put an injunction on sending asylum seekers back to Mexico.

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that the Trump administration can for now continue returning Central American migrants to Mexico while their requests for asylum in the U.S. are adjudicated, a boost for White House efforts to tighten the southern border.

The decision by the San Francisco-based Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is a surprise victory for the administration, which previously had been on the losing end of several immigration-related rulings by the liberal-leaning court.

Also Mexico doesn’t have the means to provide schooling, healthcare and shelter for the current numbers reaching our border. Those 6,000 law enforcement officers will stop them from ever coming into their country.

We WON! Enjoy that feeling.

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