News Roundup! Impeachment Polling, Judge Jeanine, Rudy & Navarro With the Judge, Waters Interviews Anna Timmer, Rare Earth Minerals, Day of Prayer, STUinSD Weekly Wrap Up, Russia Supporting PDJT, Donation To Scott Presler & More…..

The Democrats, MSM, RINOs etc. are totally screwed! Americans don’t want to see our President impeached. Their crazies expect nothing less from them. Either direction they move in will alienate voters.

From the article linked above (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE INDEPENDENTS):

The majority of American voters oppose impeachment, according to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey.

Of the 1,295 registered voters polled, only 37 percent support impeaching and removing President Trump from office. While 43 percent favor “no action,” 60 percent of Democrat voters believe Trump should be impeached and removed altogether. However, independents are not on board:

Thirty-seven percent support impeaching and removing the president. Sixty percent of polled Democrats say the president should be impeached and removed, but only 36 percent of independents are in favor. Twenty percent of voters say Trump should be censured by Congress.

Judge Jeanine’s powerful opening statement can be found below.

Judge Jeanine had Rudy Giuliani on her show last night. You can find it below.

Peter Navarro was on with Judge Jeanine explaining the tariffs that will be put on Mexico.

During a Grand Rapids, Michigan, town hall Ms. Timmer stood in a packed hall and let Amash know exactly how she felt after he called for impeachment proceedings against the president.

Anna Timmer was hosted by Jessie Waters on Fox News last night.

Excellent video from We Build the Wall.

God bless our President who stood to shake and salute nearly 1,000 Air Force Academy graduates the other day.

I absolutely agree with Kevin McCarthy.

Excellent weekly wrap up thread by STUinSD.

Russia is showing more and more signs that they are willing and able to work with our President.

From the article linked above:

Russia has been one of Maduro’s major supporters in its standoff with the U.S.

Russia has withdrawn key defense advisers from Venezuela, an embarrassment for President Nicolás Maduro as Moscow weighs the leader’s political and economic resilience against growing U.S. pressure.

Russian state defense contractor Rostec, which has trained Venezuelan troops and advised on securing arms contracts, has cut its staff in Venezuela to just a few dozen, from about 1,000 at the height of cooperation between Moscow and Caracas several years ago, said a person close to the Russian defense ministry.

While our President and FLOTUS are in the U.K., Ireland and Normandy, you can find updates and behind the scenes photos at Sarah and Dan Scavino’s Instagram.

Here is a visual of our President’s visit to the U.K.

Today was the Day of Prayer for our President!

Yesterday I donated to Scott Presler for everything he is doing to support our President and our country.

What an incredible time to be alive!

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