Evening News Roundup! Rally & Announcement, Polling Data, Anecdotal’s From MI, Shitty Is Shitting, Must Watch Video, Clips From Wall Project, U1 & Clinton Foundation Were Reviewed by IG…..

Our President is going to officially announce he is running for a 2nd Term at a rally on June 18th in Orlando, FL.

This poll by a former Bill Clinton pollster, Mark Penn, is absolutely amazing.


  • PDJT’s approval rating hit its HIGHEST POINT in 2 years: 48% in the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey
  • A record 62% approve of PDJT’s approach to employment
  • 59% approve of PDJT’s handling of the economy
  • PDJT’s actions on other issues like China and immigration are neutral to positive

From the article linked above:

A majority of Americans believe the U.S. economy is doing excellent of good, according to the latest Job Creators Network/ScottRasmussen.comWeekly Pulse poll.

“The economic signals continue to point upward with Americans optimistic about the economy and their own personal finances,” said pollster Scott Rasmussen in a statement. “51 percent of Americans rate their own personal finances as excellent or good.”

When how they would rate the economy today, 13% of respondents said excellent while another 39% said good and 31% said fair.

What’s more, asked how they would rate their personal finances today, 10% said excellent, 41% said good, and another 30% said fair. Just 15% of respondent said poor.

By a 30 percent to 18 percent margin, Americans also believe their own finances are getting better rather than worse,” the polling statement said.

From the article linked above:

Robert Rasch had never voted for president before 2016. Then Donald Trump came along, and finally there was a candidate he could get excited about.

Rasch admired Trump’s business background and political courage. “For somebody to stand up and run for president that has no political background, that’s a set of brass,” he said.

Rasch is one of millions of so-called lost voters whom Trump coaxed back to the voting booth in 2016. Rasch has already decided he’ll be voting for Trump again in 2020, based largely on the president’s stewardship of the economy.

“One gentleman came in and asked us to print that Trump hat,” Rasch said, pointing to a display case featuring red ball caps with white lettering that says, “TRUMP: Elect That MF’er again! 2020.”

The hats sold like crazy,” Rasch said. “And the guy’s been in numerous times and re-ordered. It’s been a big seller.”

A Trump Hat

My interview with Rasch was one of more than two dozen I conducted over several days in Macomb County, Mich.

I’d come to find out how Trump was performing among residents of this famous swing county. Specifically, I wanted to know whether Trump’s support here was diminishing.

Geering believes “things are going great” under Trump, and he “definitely” plans to vote for him again next year. He’s even toying with the idea of erecting a Trump 2020 yard sign, something he wouldn’t have done in 2016.


Later I met up with Catherine Bolder, a self-described liberal and former Obama voter who supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary. When we met last August, Bolder described Trump as the lesser of two evils compared to Hillary Clinton.

This time, she had fulsome praise for Trump. “Honestly, I’m beginning to think he’s a genius,” she said. “The way he trolls Democrats and gets under their skin and makes them say stupid shit.”

As Bolder and I were speaking, she turned to a middle-age couple sitting beside us at the bar and asked, “Hey, folks, if the election were held tomorrow, who would you vote for?”

The man, an off-duty police officer whose name I didn’t catch, seemed ambivalent at first, but eventually he said, “It’ll probably be Trump. The more I hear negative about him, the more I like him. Because I know if you’re pissing them off, you must be doing something right.”

“He’ the first president I’ve seen who actually had a prayer meeting in the Oval Office.”

Neither Bolder nor the cop could think of any Trump voters they knew who’d turned against the president. I wasn’t surprised. Among the two-dozen people I interviewed in and around Macomb County, not a single one could think of a Trump voter who no longer supported him.

That includes several Democrats I talked to. Shelby Nicole, a member of Macomb County Young Democrats, has knocked on thousands of doors across the county canvassing for the Democratic Party. “A lot of people will look you in the eye and say, ‘I voted Dem all my life until Trump came along. And I’m not voting Dem ever again,’” she said. “Or they’d say, ‘I stopped voting a long time ago, then voted for Trump and am not going back.’”

I asked Nicole whether she thinks Trump will win Macomb County in 2020. “No doubt in my mind,” was her immediate response. She added that many Trump voters took 2018 off but will be back to vote for him in 2020.

Our President tweeted the following:

Shitty is ABSOLUTELY SHITTING his pants after AG Barr’s interview from earlier today.

Must watch!

Some really excellent clips from the We Build the Wall project and ribbon cutting ceremony. It includes Angel Moms and a young boy that raised $22K with his hot chocolate stand.

Bill Clinton is running for his life! HRC began throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him after reading this.

Grab your popcorn at your local store before they run out!

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