News Roundup! PDJT’s Speech On Board U.S.S. WASP, China’s Navy, Flipping the 2nd Circuit, Wall Privately Funded, USMCA, Supreme Court Decision, PDJT Projected to Win, Joe diGenova…..

Our President and FLOTUS had an opportunity to visit the men and women on board the U.S.S. WASP as part of their Memorial Day remembrance. You can find the President’s speech below.

Daughn shared this with me the other day.

From the article linked above:

China’s navy is being forced to rethink its spending plans as cost of trade war rises

  • Technological and strategic barriers are also giving PLA Navy pause for thought, analysts say
  • Despite its massive military expansion, China still lags behind the US, observers say

Beijing has said repeatedly that the impact of its trade war with the United States would be bearable, but observers say the PLA Navy is under pressure to adjust its spending plans because of the uncertainty over the country’s economic outlook, as well as slower-than-expected technological and personnel developments.

”The escalating tension between China and the United States has reminded Beijing’s leaders that they need to be careful how much they spend on new warships,” a military source, who asked not to be named, told the South China Morning Post.

China has also bent a knee when it comes to sanctions on Iranian oil. China stops purchasing oil from Iran as U.S. sanctions take further effect, according to The Wall Street Journal quoting sources in Iran’s oil sector.

From the article linked above:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in late April the end of exemptions to eight countries that had been allowed to buy crude despite a U.S. ban on Iran’s exports. Since then, China, India, Turkey, South Korea and Japan have ended all direct purchases of Iranian crude and condensates, they said. Three others—Taiwan, Greece and Italy—had been unable to use the waiver due to banking and insurance issues.

As of today, our President has 4 vacancies to fill when it comes to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (1 for the 3rd Circuit, 1 for the 5th Circuit & 2 for the 9th Circuit).

Our President will have two future vacancies on the 2nd Circuit Court. One of which was nominated by BHO. Thankfully BHO didn’t consider age when nominating judges. His stupidity will allow us to flip the 2nd Circuit to 7 Republicans and 6 Democrats once the two judges are replaced.

From the article linked above:

The second circuit court of appeals has jurisdiction over and takes appeals from the federal courts in Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Its decisions in complex commercial matters arising in New York, and to a lesser degree Connecticut have made it one of the most important circuits of the 13 across the country.

From the article linked above:

Second Circuit judge Christopher F. Droney announced today that he will take senior status on June 30, eight days after he turns 65. Droney was appointed to the district court by President Clinton in 1997 and was elevated to the Second Circuit by President Obama in 2011.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas absolutely killed Planned Parenthood. LIFE is WINNING!

Thomas’ opinion was in reference to the following.



For those that may have given money towards the Wall, your money was put to good use.

From the article linked above:

Private group led by Steve Bannon has built its own mile-long wall along the US-Mexico border in just three days after fundraising $8MILLION – and now says it will sell it to the government for just $1.

  • We Build the Wall Inc., the non-profit spurred by triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage’s GoFundMe campaign to pay for a border wall, has built part of its own
  • The wall starts at the Rio Grande River and goes up Mount Cristo Rey
  • It’s built on private property, constructed over Friday to Sunday in secret 
  • Kolfage said the mile-long wall cost between $6 million and $8 million to build, and his organization will sell it to the federal government for just $1 
  • Kolfage told that this build has been approved by Trump and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • DHS to did not immediately reply to’s request for comment

Canada is moving forward with ratifying the USMCA. The Canadian window is short, if they don’t ratify the trade pact by the end of June, the Canadian parliament will go into legislative recess until after the general elections October 21st, 2019.

From the article linked above:

Canada took a first step toward ratifying the new North American trade agreement on Monday just three days ahead of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to Ottawa to discuss the passage of the treaty.

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland presented what is known as a “ways and means motion” to the House of Commons, which opens the way for the formal presentation of a bill.

The United States struck deals on May 17 to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Mexico, removing a major obstacle to legislative approval of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the trilateral trade deal to replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.

Keep in mind that our President and his Killers have setup a win-win scenario. If the USMCA is ratified, NAFTA is dead. If it isn’t, NAFTA will still die since our President will terminate it. It would take 6 months after he signs the termination letter. We will go back to life prior to NAFTA when we had a major surplus with Mexico and Canada.

This must be killing the snowflakes!

From the article linked above:

The combination of a strong economy and the built-in advantages for an incumbent gives President Trump a “formidable” advantage in his bid for re-election, according to a New York Times op-ed.

Steven Rattner, who served as counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration and worked on the auto industry bailouts, explained in his piece that three separate projection models currently point to a win for Trump.

Rattner said in addition to Fair, two other projection models give Trump a clear edge.

“Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, has looked at 12 models, and Mr. Trump wins in all of them. Donald Luskin of Trend Macrolytics has reached the same conclusion in his examination of the Electoral College,” Rattner wrote.

This is the whole bowl of wax! If we want true justice and reform, the 702 abuses need to be made public. The abuse was rampant.

Former U.S. Attorney to the District of Columbia, Joe diGenova, discusses the declassification of intelligence documents relating to political surveillance; and the origin of the database abuses outlined by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer

We are absolutely WINNING!

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