‪News Roundup! Sumo, Hibachi, Golf, Mori Building Digital Art Museum, Le Pen Wins, News Summary Thread For the Past Week, European Union Election Results…..

Our President and FLOTUS had an opportunity to watch a Sumo Tournament live. Our President presented the winner with the first-ever U.S. President’s Cup.

Listen to the ovation our President got.

From the article linked above:

‘I’ve always wanted to see sumo’: Trump gives wrestler Asanoyama giant 60-pound trophy and says he had an ‘incredible’ evening after sitting cross-armed in slippers with Abe and Melania before a couples dinner.

  • President Donald Trump says he ‘really enjoyed’ attending a sumo match on Saturday evening in Tokyo
  •  ‘We really enjoyed being there,’ he claimed at a dinner after with the prime minister. ‘And I’ve always wanted to see sumo wrestling, so it was really great’
  • Trump did appear to enjoy the part of the program where he gave sumo champ Asanoyama a giant trophy weighing more than 60 pounds
  • He smiled as a wrestling official helped him hoist the prize off its mantle
  • After the event he dined with PM Shinzo Abe and the leaders’ wives at a hibachi restaurant, where he chicken and potatoes for dinner and ice cream

Our President earlier in the day enjoyed a round of golf with PM Abe.

While President Trump and Prime Minister Abe were playing golf, Madame Akie Abe took First Lady Melania Trump to the incredible Mori Building Digital Art Museum.

Excellent news summary of the past week (May 19-25).

European Union Elections are done. The results are starting to come in.

From the article linked above:

Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally scored a first-place finish in the EU election in France, besting President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance list, according to early projections of the French vote — a major victory for populist, Euroskeptic forces.

National Rally, a rebranding of Le Pen’s National Front party, scored about 24 percent of the vote, compared to roughly 22.5 percent for Macron’s centrist-liberal party, according to two initial projections.

From the article linked above:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s junior coalition partner took a beating at the polls on Sunday, with Germany’s Social Democrats suffering a sharp drop in the vote for European Parliament and losing the race in the city-state of Bremen for the first time since World War II.

The poor showing by the SPD threatens to revive calls from the party’s restive base to bring down the government after reluctantly agreeing to enter a third alliance with Merkel 14 months ago. Support nearly halved to 15.5% in the European ballot, while in its traditional stronghold of Bremen, the party came in second to Merkel’s Christian Democrats, according to an initial count from public broadcaster ARD.

I will be putting updated results as they come in into the comment section of the article throughout the night.

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