News Roundup! China Will Be Destroyed, Theresa May, Nadler Faints, PDJT’s Presser, Illegals Are Screwed, Economic Train and Much More…..

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes! China is about to see it all disappear!

The Chinese are scared out of their minds. Our President and his Killers are destroying them everywhere you look.

The trip to Japan this weekend is going to pay BIG dividends. I have a funny feeling that some type of trade agreement will be announced.

Our President is going to destroy China by forming a trilateral between us, Japan and India. All three countries will open their markets to one another. India will absorb a lot of companies from China that want to stay in the region. We will do more importing from India. They in return will buy a good chunk of their energy from us rather than Iran.

From the article linked above:

About 200 American companies are seeking to move their manufacturing base from China to India post the general elections, a top US-based advocacy group has said, observing that there is a fantastic opportunity with firms looking at alternatives to the Communist giant. The US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum’s (USISPF) President Mukesh Aghi said that the companies are talking to them about how to set up an alternative to China by investing in India.

He said that Mark Linscott, the former Assistant US Trade Representative for South and Central Asian Affairs, is working with USISPF member companies to come up with a recommendation as to what India needs to do to enhance its exports and work up from that perspective. “One recommendation, which I strongly believe is going to help India is that we should now start thinking of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and the U.S,” Aghi said.

“I think if India is concerned about cheap goods coming from China, an FTA will eliminate that need. You can put barriers to Chinese goods and still have the U.S. providing access to the Indian market and Indian companies having more access to the US market, and issues like GSP would diminish,” he said.

The Japanese will have access to the India market. This will allow them to drastically bring down their surplus with us. I see a quota being put on their export of cars, trucks and parts into our country. There will be more investment in the auto sector in our country. Japan will also continue to build up their military with major purchases from us.

Others countries in the region will get a piece of the pie as well. Look who Secretary Mnuchin was meeting with today.

Vietnam has been buying a lot from us. Including our planes. This will completely isolate China and destroy their ambitions of overtaking us as a nation.

Our President is absolutely enjoying killing China! This move destroys China because they know that devaluing their money will offset the tariffs.

The Eagle 🦅 is going to destroy the Dragon 🐉!

Theresa May has officially resigned! I guess going against the will of the people (Brexit) and working with the previous administration to get rid of our President was to much for her to have to answer for.

Below you can find a clip of the POS announcing she is resigning and people’s reaction to the announcement.

If I were the Democrats, MSM, Barry, Clapper, Brennan, Yates, Lynch, Comey McCabe, Strzok, Page etc., I would be fainting as well knowing that everything is going to be exposed in the next few weeks and justice will be served.

Maybe he listened to our President speak with the press before leaving to Japan.

Our President is enforcing the law when it comes to illegal aliens! This is absolutely AWESOME.

From the article linked above:

President Trump has signed a memorandum enforcing a provision requiring sponsors of legal immigrants to pay back the government for any social services used by the immigrant.

The provision was part of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) and Welfare Reform laws enacted by then-President Bill Clinton. The law stated that immigrants should “not depend on public resources to meet their needs.” However, the provision has not been enforced.

“Under the provision, each future sponsor of an immigrant would need to sign an affidavit that would spell out the financial responsibilities for the sponsored immigrant and create a collection mechanism to recover funds from the sponsor. The Department of Health and Human Services is to collect the data of the sponsors and the immigrants, while the Treasury Department would collect the funds.”

Daughn I share this for you based on your great article last night.

I love our Ambassador to Germany!

The Economic Train is smiling knowing that under the Presidency of DJT, she will never be forgotten.

From the article linked above:

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) finds builder confidence rose 1 point to 63 in April, meeting the forecast. The HMI has held in the low 60s for the past three months.

“Builders report solid demand for new single-family homes but they are also grappling with affordability concerns stemming from a chronic shortage of construction workers and buildable lots,” said NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde, a home builder and developer from Torrington, Conn.

Here is the POS Junker in his own words.

Rep. Matt Gaetz is another man we owe a Big Thank You 🙏 to.

Make sure to have your popcorn stocked up!

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