News Roundup! EU Elections, Globalists Dying, Judicial Armada, Energy Dominance, Money Talks & BS Walks, RESISTANCE Kills Americans, MAGA Hat Factory…..

The U.K. and Netherlands vote today. You can find the remaining schedule below.


We won’t find out the results until the Evening on Sunday, May 26th.

From the article linked above:

The results from every nation will be released on the evening of May 26 after the last polling station in the continent is closed.

The Globalists are pissed because they know that their Utopian Dream is about to be burned to the ground.

From the article linked above:

Four of the five single largest parties in this week’s European Parliament elections will be nationalist-populist eurosceptics with the Brexit Party biggest of the lot, according to new seat projections from the pollsters by website EuropeElects.

They know who the LEADER of the Free World is!

From the article linked above:

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker lashed out at “Stupid Nationalists” on the eve of the European Union elections.

Juncker went off on nationalists today in a CNN interview saying, “These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries,” Juncker told CNN in his Brussels office.

Everywhere you look, those aligned with PDJT are WINNING BIGLY! Bad news for the Globalists as well as China.

From the article linked above:

With a commanding lead, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party are set to expand their majority. “India wins yet again!” he posted on Twitter.

“At this pace, the party would actually expand on its current majority — a development no one was predicting in recent months. And its actual majority will be larger, as its established coalition partners have won at least a few dozen more seats.”

The Judicial Armada continues to grow unabated! There is absolutely NOTHING the Democrats can do to stop it.

With the latest confirmation, our President has put 6 new judges on the 9th Circuit. The great news is that he has two more to go.

From the article linked above:

It’s time, once again, to hail the important and historic progress being made in the Republican-held United States Senate on the judicial confirmation front.  

Having adopted and modestly expanded Democrats’ endless and ends-oriented power grabs of years past, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has wisely prioritized the reshaping of the federal judiciary.  

He and his conference have steadily and diligently worked to tip the balance away from the Obama-era deluge of liberal judges, and toward constitutionalism.  No recent partnership in Washington has been more lastingly impactful than the Trump-McConnell alliance, resulting in this ongoing generational shift — and with all the other noise in Washington, this issue has flown under the radar.  But McConnell knows the score.  Here he is applauding the confirmation of the 41st circuit court judge of the Trump presidency, marking the sixth Trump appointment to the infamously left-wing Ninth Circuit Court of appeals

Our Energy Dominance will continue to grow over the next few years!

From the article linked above:

Saudi Aramco agreed to a buy a 25% stake in Sempra Energy’s Texas liquefied natural gas terminal, giving the world’s biggest oil exporter a foothold in the fast-growing market for global LNG trade.

The proposed deal, which includes a 20-year agreement to buy 5 million tons of gas annually from the plant, would mark Aramco’s first entry into production outside Saudi Arabia. The company can potentially ship the LNG home to the kingdom’s power plants or trade it globally. The state-owned firm and San Diego-based Sempra declined to disclose the value of the potential deal.

Saudi Arabia is tapping into the U.S. shale revolution, joining a wave of LNG exporters that are shipping the fuel to buyers in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Sempra’s Port Arthur plant, due to begin operations in 2023, is among more than a dozen projects in development as companies seek ways to ship surplus U.S. supplies to tap a fast-expanding international market for the heating and power-plant fuel. Sempra itself is working on five projects.

The Economic Train is not slowing down as she continues to crisscross our country picking up passengers and running over her enemies.

From the article linked above:

The Labor Department said initial jobless claims fell by 1,000 to a seasonally adjusted 211,000 for the week ending May 18, beating the consensus forecast

Never forget that money talks and BS walks when it comes time to vote in a Presidential Election.

From the article linked above:

Democrats are desperately trying to downplay the booming economy under President Trump. This partly means arguing that the economy is not benefiting Hispanics, who will be the largest minority voting bloc in presidential election next year for the first time in American history.

Where Hispanics have especially flourished under President Trump is when it comes to entrepreneurship. A recent report by the Kauffman Foundation concludes that entrepreneurship is at its highest level in recorded history, and it’s being driven by Hispanics who are nearly one-third more likely to start a business than they were in 2013 and two-thirds more likely to start a business than whites today.

Ironically, many Hispanics in the United States have actually fled socialism or have ancestors who did in order to pursue the American dream. For them, American free market is not a given but something to be savored and protected. This is especially true under President Trump’s stewardship.

Democrat RESISTANCE are killing Americans! The POS in the clip below tried to defend their decision.

Incredible video that Daughn shared with me.

God Bless PDJT and the USA!

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