News Roundup! Rally Clips, Americans Are Waking Up, Energy Dominance, Rep. Doug Collins, Steve Bannon, Judicial Armada, Nunes, AG Barr…..

What an incredible rally last night in Pennsylvania. Here are some clips from the event.

Our President is absolutely MAGA! When our President won the WH the percentage of Americans that said the Economy was excellent/good was only 25%. That percentage now stands at 51%.

Money talks and BS walks when it comes to Presidential Elections.

From the article linked above:

Americans’ confidence in the U.S. job market is the highest in Gallup’s trend originating in 2001, with 71% in May saying now is a good time to find a quality job. This represents a significant improvement from March and April, when 65% each month rated the job market favorably. Today’s level is similar to February’s 69% reading.

It is NOT just Ohio that they are afraid of.

From the article linked above:

Ohio Democrats are worried their party is taking the wrong approach toward the working class in a repeat of a mistake that cost them the 2016 election.

President Donald Trump is pitching himself as an aggressive working class champion, while Democratic nominees continue to harp on issues unrelated to working-class interests such as Trump’s taxes, Democratic operatives told The New York Times. Even 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, who styles himself as a blue-collar Democrat, is totally missing the point, one of them said.

“What I want from a president is the rest of the world to look at him and go, ‘Don’t mess with that guy, he will get even,’” Ohio voter Darrell Franks told The NYT. He is a former Democrat who voted for Trump. “I don’t want kinder, gentler. I don’t want some female that wants her agenda.”

The MONSTER VOTE is growing and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

From the article linked above:

Angelo Martin was pretty pumped to attend his first Trump rally despite not voting for the president in 2016; the 22-year-old registered Republican said he voted for Hillary Clinton because of Trump’s demeanor.

“Honestly I thought he was a little crazy the way he talked, and because of that I did not think he would get anything done. Turns out I still don’t like his style but I am more than happy with his policy decisions,” said Martin, who listed the tax cuts, judicial picks, and how Trump has dealt with foreign policy as some of the president’s accomplishments.

“He has more than earned my vote for 2020,” said Martin, who traveled from Selinsgrove to attend the rally.

Ryan Brandt, an electrician and small businessman also from Selinsgrove, said he voted for Trump in 2016 and noted the president has yet to do anything to make him vote any other way in 2020.

The 37-year-old Brandt said his business is thriving under Trump and the tax cuts were part of helping him expand his business. “My billings have doubled in the last year, a lot of that has to do with the fact that my community is doing better because of new companies and homes being built,” he said.

Ruth Moore, 60, was holding her 13-month-old granddaughter Addy to board the shuttle bus to attend the Trump rally. Moore said she happily voted for Trump in 2016; her sister Robin Beilman, 58, not so much.

“I didn’t vote for Hillary either; I just didn’t vote,” said Beilman, who works in a nearby factory making Pop-Tarts.

“At first I didn’t like how he conducted himself; I still always don’t, but what I have come to realize is that if you want to get tough things done, you don’t get them done by being nice,” she said.

Now Trump has earned her full support.

Energy dominance is a reality that will only get better over the next 5 years. We have many LNG facilities under construction.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. is now easily the world’s largest oil and gas producer, yielding 20% more oil and 25% more gas than Russia

Today, oil and gas are our two most important sources of energy, meeting 65% of total U.S. energy demand.

We lean on oil for 97% of our transportation needs, and increasingly, natural gas leads by generating 35% of all U.S. electricity.

Not just being the largest oil and gas producer, The U.S. could also become the largest global seller of these essential fuels within five years

Last night Rep. Doug Collins released the transcripts of nine key figures from the House investigation into DOJ and FBI political activity.

The transcript release includes testimony from:

  • Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – pdf Link Here
  • Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch – pdf Link Here
  • James Comey former chief-of-staff James Rybicki – pdf Link Here
  • Former FBI lawyer, Office of Legal Counsel, Trisha Beth Anderson – pdf Link Here
  • Deputy Asst. Attorney General (DOJ-NSD), George Toscas – pdf Link Here
  • FBI Deputy Asst. Director, Jonathan Moffa – pdf Link Here
  • Former FBI Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch, John Giaclone – pdf Link Here
  • FBI Unit Chief, Office of Legal Counsel, Sally Moyer – pdf Link Here
  • FBI New York Field Office, Assistant Director in Charge, William F. Sweeney Jr. – pdf Link Here

Fox Business host, Trish Regan, had an interesting interview with Steve Bannon last night.

Marco Rubio is somewhat right with his tweet. However, he fails to point out that many of those companies are returning back to our country as well.

The Judicial Armada continues to grow unabated! Two more 9th Circuit Judges will be confirmed by the end of this week. As you can see from the tweets below, there is absolutely nothing the Democrats can do to stop it!

Justice is coming! There will be many that will pay for what they did to our President and our country.

From the article linked above:

Attorney General William Barr said that his handling of the Mueller report and its aftermath is rooted in a desire to defend the power of the executive branch rather than personal support for President Trump.

“I felt the rules were being changed to hurt Trump, and I thought it was damaging for the presidency over the long haul,” Barr told The Wall Street Journal in El Salvador in an interview published Monday, where he traveled last week to boost support for Trump’s policies toward the violent street gang MS-13.

“I think there’s a misconception out there that we know a lot about what happened,” he said. “The fact of the matter is Bob Mueller did not look at the government’s activities. He was looking at whether or not the Trump campaign had conspired with the Russians. But he was not going back and looking at the counterintelligence program. And we have a number of investigations underway that touch upon it.”


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