News Roundup! Huawei, Tariffs, India Elections, Sec. Perry, Abortion Polling, Illegals & Florida, Joe diGenova, Trey Gowdy, PDJT’s Interview, Nigel, Salvini, Healthcare, Australia Elections…..

China is paying and paying BIGLY for their stupidity! When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Here is the latest stupid prize the Chinese won.

From the article linked above:

  • Google has suspended business activity with Huawei that involves the transfer or hardware, software and key technical services.
  • That means Huawei will not be able to license the Android operating system complete with Google services and will instead have to use an open-source version.
  • Analysts said that could cause big problems for the company internationally, where nearly half of its smartphone shipments go.
  • Other Huawei suppliers, including Qualcomm and Intel, reportedly told employees they will not sell to the Chinese firm until further notice.

Google’s move to stop licensing its Android mobile operating system to Huawei could deal a huge blow to the Chinese tech giant’s ambitions to become the top player in smartphones globally.

I LOVE it when a plan comes together. AMERICA FIRST!

Guess who are paying the tariffs? Hint, it isn’t American consumers.

From the article linked above:

  • President Donald Trump has threatened to enact tariffs on another $300 billion of Chinese imports to the U.S.
  • Doing so could lower corporate profits by 6%, Goldman Sachs forecasts.

“Our economists expect that a deal will eventually be struck that leads to a “staggered off-ramp” for existing tariffs, but believe that the likelihood of a final round of tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of imports has risen to 30%,” David Kostin, Goldman’s chief U.S. equity strategist, said in a note to clients over the weekend. “Tariffs pose a greater risk to company profit margins than to sales.”

More bad news for China. If you are aligned with PDJT, you win!

From the article linked above:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to return to power with an even bigger majority in parliament after a mammoth general election that ended on Sunday, exit polls showed, a far better showing than expected in recent weeks.

Modi’s National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is projected to win anything between 339-365 seats in the 545-member lower house of parliament with the Congress party-led opposition alliance at a distant 77 to 108, India Today Axis exit poll showed.

To rule, a party needs to win 272 seats. Modi’s alliance won 336 seats in the 2014 election. The exit polls showed that he not only held to this base in the northern Hindi belt but also breached the east where regional groups traditionally held sway.

Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, will be in Ukraine today as a representative of the White House for the Inauguration of Ukraine’s new President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

As the Democrats move further and further to the left in the abortion debate, the polling continues to show that Americans don’t agree at all with their platform.

Our President will NOT be sending illegals to the State of Florida.

Joe diGenova speaks about the memo from the State Department that was given to Peter Strzok that the coup plotters can’t explain away.

John Brennan is royally screwed!

Excellent interview with Maria Bartiromo and former Republican Congressman, Trey Gowdy.

From the article linked above:

During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gowdy indicated he has seen FBI transcripts related to Papadopoulos that contain potentially exculpatory information on the question of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

“If the bureau’s going to send in an informant in, the informant’s going to be wired, and if the bureau is monitoring telephone calls, there’s going to be a transcript of that,” Gowdy told host Maria Bartiromo.

Gowdy continued:

“Some of us have been fortunate enough to know whether or not those transcripts exist. But they haven’t been made public, and I think one in particular is going — it has the potential to actually persuade people. Very little in this Russia probe I’m afraid is going to persuade people who hate Trump or love Trump. But there is some information in these transcripts that has the potential to be a game-changer if it’s ever made public.”

“If you have exculpatory information and you don’t share it with the court, that ain’t good. I’ve seen it, Johnny [Ratcliffe] has seen it. I’d love for your viewers to see it,” he said.

George Papadopoulos just retweeted this tweet he put out on May 18th.

Our President did an interview with Steve Hilton that was aired on his show last night. If you didn’t see it, you can find it below.

Our President and his KILLERS showed us a clinic on how to negotiate a trade deal that is a complete win-win for Americans when it comes to the new USMCA. Everything is now geared towards hurting China’s economy in the worst way possible.

Thursday, May 23rd, Nigel Farge and the Brexit Party are going to shock the world.

Matteo Salvini has Italians clamoring for their freedom from the European Union and mass immigration. May 26th, his Party is going to DOMINATE the EU vote in Italy.


You can’t run from your past decisions. SleepyCreepy Joe Biden is going to find out the hard way.

Those that are stuck when it comes to health insurance, there are alternatives that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

From the article linked above:

House Democrats last week voted to reverse a Trump Administration rule that the left has branded as promoting “junk insurance.” So note that the vote arrives the same week as a fresh analysis about how short-term health insurance can be a better option than ObamaCare.

The Trump Administration last year allowed for short-term, limited-duration health insurance that can last up to a year. Plans can be renewed up to 36 months without new medical underwriting, which can protect against higher premiums if someone falls sick. The…

Can’t wait for our President’s rally in PA tonight. More WINNING to come!

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