News Roundup! Where’s the Beef, Steel & Aluminum Tariffs, Auto Sector, Australian Election, Fox BS Poll, Abortion Poll, Joe diGenova, Yellow Vests, COVFEFE Wins…..

Our President and his Killers showed China and to a lesser extent the European Union that we are absolutely locked and loaded to take them on in the months to come with their announcements yesterday.

What a major win for our President and American ranchers and exporters yesterday. Japan reversed a 14 year ban on meat sold from the USA (Japan had barred imports of U.S. beef over 30 months old).

From the article linked above:

  • Japan agrees to lift longstanding restrictions on American beef exports, clearing the way for product to enter the market regardless of its age, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announces Friday.
  • Japan has barred imports of U.S. beef over 30 months old since 2005 in response to the outbreak of so-called mad cow disease.
  • The U.S. Meat Export Federation estimates that expanded access could increase U.S. beef sales to Japan 7% to 10%.

American beef sales to Japan topped $2 billion last year, representing approximately one-fourth of all U.S. beef exports.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation estimates that expanded access without the age restrictions could increase U.S. beef sales to Japan 7% to 10%, or by $150 million to $200 million annually. It said the ability of the industry to use beef from over-30-month cattle also will lower costs for companies exporting processed beef products to Japan.

Also yesterday our President and his team of Killers decided it was time to lift the steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico. This clears the path to having the USMCA ratified by Congress.

Keep in mind that within the USMCA our President and Robert Lighthizer placed a specific rule Article 32:10 which grants the U.S. the right to veto (control) Canadian and Mexican purchase agreements with “Non FTA Market Countries”, ie. China.

This absolutely SCREWS China!

The consequence of China failing to reach a free, fair and reciprocal trade agreement with the U.S., with strong enforcement mechanisms, means that China remains a “non market-based economy”.  Tariffs against China now increase, and both Canada and Mexico are specifically accountable under the USMCA to retain the U.S. market position toward Chinese goods.

If Mexico or Canada violates USMCA Article 32:10, they will suffer similar consequences as currently visible toward China.  The U.S. will enforce all the regulatory and compliance verification to ensure that Canada and Mexico do not engage in transnational shipments of Chinese products.  That is the “enforcement system” that both nations will adhere to enjoy the benefits of steel/aluminum tariff removal.

From the article linked above:

  • The United States has reached a deal to remove steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico.
  • The duties were a major obstacle to passing the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, updates to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The countries will also:

  • Drop all pending litigation in the World Trade Organization related to the tariffs
  • Note: (THIS IS HUGE) Set up measures to “prevent the importation of aluminum or steel that is unfairly subsidized and/or sold at dumped prices” and “prevent the transshipment of aluminum and steel made outside of Canada or the United States to the other country”
  • Make an “agreed-upon process for monitoring aluminum and steel trade between them”

Also yesterday our President instructed Secretary Ross and Robert Lighthizer to focus on the auto sector in all ongoing negotiations. This is geared towards trade negotiations with Japan and the European Union (especially Germany).

White House – […] Following an extensive review of the Department of Commerce’s Section 232 automobile report, President Trump today issued a proclamation directing the United States Trade Representative to negotiate agreements to address the national security threat, which is causing harm to the American automobile industry. (more)

They have 180 days to reach an agreement before our President places a 25% tariff on all cars, trucks and parts imported into our country.

All these actions tell you that we will no longer focus on trade discussions with China! China will come begging in the near future because they are going to be destroyed. The EAGLE 🦅 will ABSOLUTELY kill the Dragon 🐉! You can take that to the bank!

Globalism and Progressivism are dying all around the world! They suffered another massive blow yesterday in Australia.

From the article linked above:

Australia’s center-right government clung to power in a surprise victory, with voters backing its stewardship of a slowing economy for another three years and rejecting the opposition’s progressive agenda.

Despite trailing in most opinion polls for years, Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition closed down the gap with a relentless attack on Labor’s pledge to take tougher action on climate change and strip tax perks from wealthy Australians. For Labor leader Bill Shorten, the loss is akin to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 failure to win the U.S. presidency.

Morrison’s victory is the biggest come-from-behind win in Australian politics since Labor’s Paul Keating pulled off the “unwinnable” 1993 election. Like that poll, it was consistent warnings against the opposition’s expansive program that underpinned Morrison’s win.

Speaking of garbage polling, don’t for one second waste your time worrying about the BS Fox Poll that has Biden up 11% against our President. I took a look at the internals and couldn’t stop laughing.

The poll had the following breakdown:

  • Democrats – 48%
  • Republicans – 40%
  • Independents – 12%
  • Skewed in favor of Democrats by +8%

Meanwhile the current National Party Affiliation breakdown according to Gallup ( is as follows:

  • Democrats – 26%
  • Republicans – 27%
  • Independents – 44%
  • In favor of Republicans by +1%

Another great interview with Joe diGenova.

Another poll that reinforces that Americans are against the Democrat platform when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Our President was completely in his zone yesterday speaking to the National Association of Realtors. Here are some clips from the incredible speech.

Meanwhile in France, the Yellow Vests are out protesting for the 27th consecutive  weekend. For those that think this doesn’t have an effect, I would argue what you saw last night in Australia and what you will see in the upcoming European Union Elections this week is proof of how powerful it actually is in effecting positive change.

COVFEFE wins again!

Everything our President says and does turns to gold!

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