News Roundup! Tariffs, John James, John Solomon, Comey on CNN, Prescription Drugs, Self-Deportations, Jobs, Sec. of Defense, Trump Judicial Armada, Blessed…..

I think the Chinese and the world are waking up today realizing that our President doesn’t bluff. If a trade deal with China gets done, it will be very one sided for our country. Our President and his Killers could careless if it ever gets done. They have a different end game in mind.

This tweet tells you exactly what the end game is.

Lou Dobbs understands the plan!

Look how SCREWED certain countries will be when we are able to take care of all of our needs without having to import.

China is about to experience SERIOUS pain!

From the article linked above:

While Wall Street and D.C. have largely opposed President Donald Trump’s tariff strategy, it is clearly working to reduce the trade gap between the two nations.

On Thursday, the U.S. trade deficit rose only $0.7 billion to just $50.0 billion in March, less than expected and beating the consensus forecast. The historically narrow gap comes after two sharp consecutive declines in the trade deficit.

Year‐over‐year, the average goods and services deficit fell $1.9 billion, as average exports increased $4.7 billion and average imports increased by just $2.7 billion.

The politically-sensitive U.S. trade deficit with China fell $1.9 billion to $28.3 billion in March. Exports rose $1.4 billion to $10.5 billion and imports fell $0.5 billion to $38.8 billion.

The last trade deficit report coming in below -$50B was a bigger deal than expected,” Tim Anderson at TJM Investments said. He noted the narrowing of the trade gap added more than 1% alone to Q1 2019 GDP.

Meanwhile, the Chinese economy, which was already expected to slow in 2019, was feeling the pain from 15% tariffs. In January, before the tariff increase was postponed, an analysis firm specializing in the Chinese economy said a hike would be “excruciating.”

“If tariffs escalate further after 1 March, the added pressure on the Chinese economy will prove excruciating,” Shehzad Qazi, managing director of China Beige Book International told The Guardian.

From the article linked above:

Evidence from tariffs on steel, aluminum, and Chinese goods already in place indicates that businesses have not been able to pass higher costs of goods and materials on to consumers. Even though wages are rising, prices have been remarkably steady. In March, the index of personal consumption expenditures–the Fed’s favored measure of consumer prices–showed prices up just 1.5 percent over 12-months.

One reason tariffs are unlikely to hurt U.S. consumers is that trade with China accounts for a very small fraction of U.S. spending.  According to a recent study by an economist at the San Francisco Fed, imports make up around 11 percent of the $14.3 trillion of consumer spending in the U.S. Imports from China account for 16% of that, which translates into 1.76 percent of consumer spending.

I hope that John James runs again for the Senate in 2020. This time around he will have our President on the ballot and campaigning throughout Michigan. Plus he will be going up against a first term incumbent in Gary Peters who does not have the name recognition that Debbie Stabenow has.

Last night’s big reveal by John Solomon tells you how FU….KED Comey, McCabe, Yates, Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Barry etc. are.

I LOVE the fact this POS is out and about running his mouth. It will ALL come back to kill him in the foreseeable future.

This tweet shows you just how special our President and FLOTUS are for our country.

Whenever you see approval polls from the skewed pollsters, keep in mind that these 9 states our President will never win goes into the pot.

Our President once again is delivering for Americans when it comes to buying prescription drugs.

I have been saying and will continue to say that every time our President implements a policy that hurts illegals, they are picking up and leaving in large numbers.

From the article linked above:

The number of illegal aliens who are choosing to voluntarily deport themselves has spiked since President Donald Trump entered the White House.

Illegal immigrants who were granted voluntary departure — also known as “self-deportation” — increased by 50% in 2017, according to information compiled by The Marshall Project. In fiscal year 2018, the number of aliens who asked an immigration court for permission to leave the country on their own accord doubled from the previous fiscal year. Applications in 2018, in fact, reached a seven-year high.

The White House, for example, is preparing new rules that would make it easier to deport otherwise law-abiding migrants who are dependent on public benefits. The White House will soon begin training Border Patrol agents to perform and decide asylum cases on the spot, which will likely speed up deportation efforts.

The labor market has gotten so tight that prisoners that have completed their sentence are getting recruited for jobs.

From the article linked above:

In today’s tight job market, fueled by Pennsylvania’s lowest unemployment rate in almost two decades, Blazer, of Surge Staffing in Schuylkill County, is having a difficult time finding workers who fit his list. With hundreds of warehouse positions to fill, he’s looking in an unusual place for new hires: behind bars.

“We understand that people deserve a second chance,” said Blazer, one of more than a dozen vendors at the Frackville state prison’s recent career and reentry fair. “If a person wants to work, we want to talk to them.”

The fair, held last week at the maximum security facility in Ryan Township, Schuylkill County, about 60 miles northwest of Allentown, is part of a state Department of Corrections push to get inmates ready to return to their communities. More than 90 percent of the estimated 46,000 people in state correctional facilities return home after serving their sentences.

The Forgotten Men and Women are WINNING like never before under PDJT.

From the article linked above:

U.S. wage growth is set to pick up over the next year, as economists expect a tight labor market will continue to push up workers’ pay.

Most private-sector forecasters surveyed in recent days by The Wall Street Journal—63.6%—expect wages will grow at a somewhat faster rate over the next year, while a further 5.5% of economists said wages will grow at a substantially faster rate.

I was happy to see that our President is nominating Patrick Shanahan to be the Secretary of Defense. He has been doing a terrific job in the role since replacing General Mattis.

The Trump Judicial Armada continues unabated! Our 40th Circuit Judge is about to be confirmed (9th Circuit).

This WINNING is addictive!

One thought on “News Roundup! Tariffs, John James, John Solomon, Comey on CNN, Prescription Drugs, Self-Deportations, Jobs, Sec. of Defense, Trump Judicial Armada, Blessed…..

  1. Like your blog posts, as usual, but I’m not too sanguine about John James. I don’t like his style at all (ugh), and I don’t like how he ran his campaign, and I don’t appreciate the way he distanced himself from Trump. Something is not right with this guy, and he definitely is not MAGA, and that is why the Uniparty is putting him forward – I’m pretty sure it’s to try to stab Trump in the back (yet again). Obviously time will tell.


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