News Roundup! CASE CLOSED, Be Best, B-52 Bombers, Charles Payne, RINOs & Trade, Heartbeat Bill in GA, CNN Layoffs, Comey In Trouble, Trump Belt, Women for PDJT & So Much More……

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, drops the truth about our President’s actions against Russia versus his predecessor.

He also told Democrats and the world that the case against President Trump IS CLOSED!

Meanwhile, Secretary Pompeo cancelled a meeting with PM Merkel to get over to Iraq.

At the same time, we find out the the U.S. is deploying the B-52 bombers to the Middle East.

Our beautiful FLOTUS hosted the 1 Year Anniversary of her “Be Best” Initiative at the Rose Garden.

You can watch the entire ceremony below.

Charles Payne lays the wood down on China, Big Business, CoC and the host.

RINOs are showing their true colors and still getting slapped around by our President!

From the article linked above:

Senate Republicans feel that President Trump has once again pulled the rug out from under them on trade, leaving GOP lawmakers frustrated over their inability to influence the White House’s policy on an issue that could have major economic and electoral ramifications.

Trump firmly stood by his penchant for slapping penalties on trade partners as an effective negotiating tool, even after GOP allies voiced concerns about the potential impact on the economy.

“He made clear that he liked tariffs as an instrument to bring people to the negotiating table,” Cornyn said.

Trump’s threat went in the opposite direction of what GOP lawmakers were hoping.

One Senate GOP aide said ahead of the meeting that lawmakers hoped to convince Trump to wind down the 25 percent tariff he had placed on a first tranche of $50 billion in Chinese products, which the administration has signaled it plans to keep in place for the foreseeable future.

God bless the Governor of Georgia for signing into law the Heartbeat Bill!

This is the craziness we are fighting against!

When Republicans are Governors, states are more than likely to succeed!

From the article linked above:

New rankings by Chief Executive Magazine show that eight of the top 10 states for business in America are all run by GOP governors. Governor Greg Abbott’s Texas led the way, followed by Governor Ron Desantis’ Florida and Tennessee under Governor Bill Lee, to round out the top three states. Indiana, Arizona, South Carolina, Ohio, and Georgia were also ranked top 10 states, all of which have GOP governors. 

CNN is starting to feel the ramifications of delivering FAKE NEWS. It will only get worse over the next few months.

From the article linked above:

Hurting in ratings, CNN is now pushing for ‘voluntary layoffs’.

CNN says roughly 100 employees have accepted voluntary buyouts a month after an overhaul by parent company AT&T.

Brian Stelter, also confirmed the rumor,  trying to spin it as “hundreds of staffers leaving CNN, as voluntary buyouts.”

James Comey is in some serious trouble!

From the article linked above:

James Comey’s planet is getting noticeably warmer. Attorney General William Barr’s emissions are the suspected cause. 

Barr has made plain that he intends to examine carefully how and why Comey, as FBI director, decided that the bureau should investigate two presidential campaigns and if, in so doing, any rules or laws were broken.

In light of this, the fired former FBI director apparently has decided that photos of him on Twitter standing amid tall trees and in the middle of empty country roads, acting all metaphysical, is no longer a sufficient strategy. 

No, Comey has realized, probably too late, that he has to try to counter, more directly, the narrative being set by the unsparing attorney general whose words in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week landed in the Trump-opposition world like holy water on Linda Blair. Shrieking heads haven’t stopped spinning since.

James Comey is right to be apprehensive. He himself ate away at the soul of the FBI, not in small bites but in dangerously large ones. It was a dinner for one, though: His actions are not indicative of the real FBI. The attorney general’s comprehensive examination is welcome and, if done honestly and dispassionately, it will protect future presidential candidates of both parties and redeem the valuable soul of the FBI.

Democrats can go pound sand because McGahn will NOT testify!

I have said it and will continue to say it that after the 2020 Election, they are going to rename the Rust Belt the Trump Belt!

From the article linked above:

The president’s standing in the Midwest now is arguably stronger than when he nearly swept the region in 2016. Polling shows Trump’s job approval rating in the Midwest is in the mid-forties, and his overall favorability rating is highest in the Midwest. Trump’s approval rating in the region is roughly the same as Obama’s was during the same point in his presidency, according to Gallup tracking polls.

The working class, the nearly 70 percent of Americans without a college degree who have been ignored and even ridiculed by both political parties, is flourishing.

But Trump’s biggest advantage in the Midwest is of the Democratic Party’s own making: A national party and presidential field populated by left-wing lunatics.

I thought women hated PDJT.

From the article linked above:

Despite Donald Trump’s often rocky relationship with women, nearly half of the president’s 2020 campaign contributions this year have come from female donors, putting him in third place out of 15 candidates in terms of total percentage of donations from women.

Trump’s campaign raised $1.47 million in donations from women across the country in the first quarter of 2019, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics. The report is based only on donors who made itemized contributions of over $200.

Of the president’s campaign contributions, 45 percent came from women, while 55 percent came from men.

That’s a significant increase from 2016, when only 28 percent of Trump’s total campaign contributions during the election came from women. Hillary Clinton’s campaign had over 52 percent of their donations come from women.

This article must have had Democrats, RINOs, MSM, Leftists etc. running to the hospital.

From the article linked above:

A new survey of black Democratic women likely to vote in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries showed that 29% of them “had a favorable or neutral opinion of Donald Trump,” which is a “much different picture than the one portrayed in most media,” said VoterLabs.

VoterLabs conducted the survey of 689 black Democratic female voters likely to vote in the primaries between April 19 and April 24. This was before Joe Biden announced he was entering the race. 

As reported, “29% of respondents had a favorable or neutral opinion of Donald Trump,” said VoterLabs. “Of those polled 16% responded that they ‘really like him’ or ‘he’s okay,’ with an additional almost 13% unsure or undecided, a much different picture than the one portrayed in most media.”

Our President yesterday pardoned former 1st Lt. Micheal Behenna.

From the article linked above:

President Trump has pardoned a former U.S. soldier convicted in 2009 of killing an Iraqi prisoner, the White House announced Monday.

Trump signed an executive grant of clemency, a full pardon, for former Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, of Oklahoma, press secretary Sarah Sanders said.

Behenna was convicted of unpremeditated murder in a combat zone after killing a suspected al-Qaida terrorist in Iraq. He was paroled in 2014 and had been scheduled to remain on parole until 2024.

A military court had sentenced Behenna to 25 years in prison. However, the Army’s highest appellate court noted concern about how the trial court had handled Behenna’s claim of self-defense, Sanders said. The Army Clemency and Parole Board also reduced his sentence to 15 years and paroled him as soon as he was eligible.

The Forgotten Men & Women are forgotten no more!

Are you tired of WINNING?

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