News Roundup! The Eagle Destroys the Dragon, Polling Data, Ron DeSantis’ Accomplishments, CNN Video Clip, Illegals Are Screwed, Muslim Children in Philadelphia, Israel…..

I absolutely love our President on days like today! China is playing games in the negotiations. Don’t forget that Secretary Mnuchin and USTR Robert Lighthizer just left Beijing.  Remember, this recent meeting was going to be the key meeting for Mnuchin and Lighthizer’s recommendations to PDJT as to whether an actual trade agreement with communist China was possible.

Well we have our answer!

When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Look at the stupid prize China has won.

What does this mean in real dollars.

Let’s look at the math:

USA 🇺🇸 Tariffs on China:

  • $50 billion x 25% tariffs = $12.5 billion dollars to our Government
  • $200 billion x 25% tariffs = $50 billion dollars to our Government
  • $325 billion (in the near future) x 25% tariffs = $81.250 billion dollars to our Government

China 🇨🇳 Tariffs on USA:

  • $50 billion x 25% tariffs = $12.5 billion dollars to their Government
  • $60 billion x 25% tariffs = $15 billion dollars to their Government
  • $40 billion x (THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT) 25% tariffs = $10 billion dollars to their Government

That totals $143.750 billion dollars in tariffs for our Government versus $37.5 billion dollars to their Government.

That shrinks the trade deficit by $106.250 billion dollars a year.

China is going to continue to see a mass exodus of companies leaving their country to go to India, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea as well as back home in the good ole USA.

From the article linked above:

About 200 American companies are seeking to move their manufacturing base from China to India post the general elections, a top US-based advocacy group has said, observing that there is a fantastic opportunity with firms looking at alternatives to the Communist giant. The US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum’s (USISPF) President Mukesh Aghi said that the companies are talking to them about how to set up an alternative to China by investing in India.

He said that Mark Linscott, the former Assistant US Trade Representative for South and Central Asian Affairs, is working with USISPF member companies to come up with a recommendation as to what India needs to do to enhance its exports and work up from that perspective. “One recommendation, which I strongly believe is going to help India is that we should now start thinking of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and the U.S,” Aghi said.

I think if India is concerned about cheap goods coming from China, an FTA will eliminate that need. You can put barriers to Chinese goods and still have the U.S. providing access to the Indian market and Indian companies having more access to the US market, and issues like GSP would diminish,” he said.

Never ever forget that money talks and BS walks!

From the article linked above:

Americans are feeling better about the future than they have in over 12 years of regular surveying.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters now say America’s best days are in the future. This is the first time a majority of voters has expressed this sentiment in surveying since November 2006

The previous high was 47% in December 2016 just after Donald Trump’s election. But in most surveys over the last 12-plus years, the number of voters who felt America’s best days still lie ahead ran in the mid- to upper 30s.

Only 28% now think the country’s best days are in the past, a new low. As recently as May 2017, this figure stood at 52%. Eighteen percent (18%) remain undecided.

I absolutely loved seeing this the other day happen to Don Lemon. Black Americans are starting to wake up.

Many of you know that I have my eyes on Governor DeSantis to replace our President in 2025 to carry TRUMPISM forward. Look at everything the man has done in the short period of time he has been Governor.

Our President’s approval ratings continue to go up even on their skewed liberal polls.

Our President continues to put the squeeze on illegals in our country! This will be a killer on them and will send a message to them.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump’s administration has quietly reactivated a computer check that warns employers when their new employees are likely to be illegal immigrants.

The so-called “no-match” letter warns employers that their employees’ claimed Social Security Numbers are suspect — and so allows the employers to minimize their legal risks by quietly firing the employees who do not have a right to work. The program was stopped by President Barack Obama mainly because it was so effective at warning employers.

“It is a very good thing,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. She continued:

Our government knows the name, address, and place of employment of millions of illegal workers … These jobs should be for Americans and legal workers … the market would bring wages up to $15 an hour for more workers if we didn’t have so much illegal employment.

The policy should also identify the Social Security Numbers that have been stolen by illegals from Americans, she said.

Many — but not all — employers will cooperate and fire the illegals, she predicted. “A lot of employers want to do the right thing, and they have been duped by false documents, and they want to get into compliance with the law.” However, the new policy will not deter the many employers who pay their illegal immigrants under the table, she said.

The Democrats in the Senate decided to put out a poll on Twitter. The results are incredible!

This video will make you sick to your stomach! This is what they had planned for our country had she won.

God bless the people of Israel that have to live under these conditions.

This POS is who the Democrats are!

The Israelis are fighting back! This clip shows you how precise their weapons are.



One thought on “News Roundup! The Eagle Destroys the Dragon, Polling Data, Ron DeSantis’ Accomplishments, CNN Video Clip, Illegals Are Screwed, Muslim Children in Philadelphia, Israel…..

  1. Oh, now I get why I didn’t receive a comment back on my Paytriots comment some blog posts back. This post is 90% awesome and 10% disinfo as I see stumping for Israel. Israel is a massive threat to American sovereignty. This needs to be looked at and examined without the “you’re being anti-semitic” shut down. It is highly suspect to me when any topic is off the table as far as discussing it in a rational way. There is much evidence to support Israel as being an enemy of the US, not an ally. There’s a good reason the anti Zionist movement is growing in the US. I say this not as someone who has a problem with common people that are Jewish, I have many friends who are. It’s the corruption and the agenda of those who pull the puppet strings of the corrupt Israeli leadership.

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