News Roundup! Atlanta Fed’s Final Forecast (GDP), Economy Is Booming, “Sleepy Joe”, Fake News Visits the Border, Rasmussen’s Accuracy, President Interview On Hannity……

The Atlanta Federal Reserve put out their final forecast for the 1st Quarter real GDP rate. They have it a 2.7%.

We will know tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM how accurate they were. The Advance Estimate will be released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the link below.

More great economic news was released earlier today. Once again shattering the “Consensus” forecast.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Census Bureau reported new orders for manufactured durable goods rose $6.8 billion or 2.7% to $258.5 billion in March, easily beating the consensus. The increase follows a decrease of 1.1% in February.

The consensus forecast was looking for a gain of 0.7%, ranging from a low of -0.5% to a high of 1.9%. Durable goods have been up four of the last five months.

You know it is bad for the Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, MSM, Globalists etc. when a NY Times reporter says the following after visiting the Southern Border.

From the article linked above:

President Trump has an unlikely new ally — one of The New York Times’ most liberal and well-known voices.

Thomas Friedman, a long-time member of The New York Times and columnist for the newspaper since 1995, has been scathing in his criticism of President Trump. In a column last February, the award-winning writer described Trump as the “biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today.”

During a CNN interview, the Pulitzer Prize winner also called Trump “disturbed,” adding that if Hillary Clinton were president and “done one of the things Donald Trump” was accused of doing, she would have been impeached.

Yet, Friedman now finds himself standing on the same side as Trump on one of the president’s signature issues — the border wall.

The MSM loves to put down the Rasmussen Poll because they don’t control it. However, Rasmussen’s accuracy in 2016 was # 1 amongst all its competitors.

They have our President’s approval rating at 50% today.

Our President welcomed “Sleepy Joe” into the race.

Good luck trying to convince Americans to go backwards instead of forward.

Richard Baris is one of the best in the business. This is what he had to say about Joe’s announcement earlier today.

Our President will be interviewed by Sean Hannity tonight on his show starting at 9:00 PM.

We are WINNING and nothing will stop it!

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