News Roundup! 9/11, Polling, Yellow Vests, 9th Circuit, Kim Jung un, House Democrats Celebrate 100 Days, Abortion Workers, What Are Saturdays For…….

9/11 has not reached its 20th year and yet the Democrats, MSM, Leftists etc. are angry that our President decided to retweet the video below because according to them it puts Omar’s life in danger. Other than their followers, everyone else loves the fact our President did so and has pinned it to his Twitter account.

Our President also retweeted the following as well.

The dance between our President, Kim Jung un and President Xi continues.

I was so happy that our President shared on his platform how MORONIC the State of NY is.

In a shock decision, the 9th Circuit unanimously decided in favor of our President when it comes to having asylum seekers remain in Mexico rather than being released in our country.

I wonder if they heard our President’s plan and said HELL NO to illegals flooding their neighborhoods 😉.

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court put a judge’s order on hold Friday shortly before it would have stopped the Trump administration from forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases move through U.S. courts.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocked the lower court ruling from taking effect. The three-judge panel set a Tuesday deadline for civil liberties groups to submit arguments on why the asylum policy should be on hold and a Wednesday deadline for the government to argue why it should remain in place.

This tweet perfectly captures how a majority of Americans feel!

We know that a majority of polls are completely bias. However it is still worth looking at them whenever you see a major shift.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating increased relatively sharply over the past month to 45% in an April 1-9 Gallup poll, up from 39% in March. This marks the third time the 45th president has reached a 45% job approval rating in Gallup trends — his highest in the series.

Week 22 and the Yellow Vests continue on their quest for Macron’s resignation or his head.

What happens to the abortion industry if they lose all their workers?

From the article linked above:

Chuck Konzelman, writer and director of “Unplanned,” a film about Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, revealed Wednesday during a congressional testimony that 94 clinic workers have come forward after watching the movie to seek help leaving their jobs.

Konzelman, who spoke before the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, revealed that, since the film’s release on March 29, these workers approached Johnson’s nonprofit, And Then There Were None, and have indicated an intent to change their lives.

Sometimes in life losing allows you to WIN! Americans that gave the Democrats the House are seeing with their own eyes why it was the biggest mistake ever.

From the article linked above:

House Democrats this week headed to a retreat in suburban D.C. to celebrate “100 days of achievement” after reclaiming the majority in January and passing a bevy of policy bills.

But by the time they arrived in Leesburg, Va., they had suffered a bruising internal fight over spending that forced Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel a vote on a critical bill to raise mandatory spending caps for the next two fiscal years.

Losing makes you look like Nancy. I don’t want to look like Nancy so I will continue to take my WINNAMINS daily!

We WIN every single day because of our President!


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