It Is Days Like Today That I Consider Myself So Lucky To Be Alive To Witness the Presidency of DJT! Don’t Ever Take It For Granted……

The celebration our President just had at the White House was absolutely amazing!

You can watch the entire speech in the link below.

GOOD is defeating evil everywhere you look!

Twitter, the MSM, Democrats, Hollywood etc. tried everything humanly possible to shun Unplanned the Movie prior to and during its release this past weekend in 1,000 theaters across our country.

Unplanned has more followers than Planned Parenthood!

They are also getting support from our President’s Administration, his friends and family.

Meanwhile Hollywood and Satan were defeated in Georgia!

From the article linked above:

On Friday, the Georgia House followed the Georgia Senate’s lead and passed the ‘ Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act’, popularly referred to as the ‘Heartbeat bill’, despite a major effort by Hollywood liberals to put a stop to it.

Georgia’s governor, Republican Brian Kemp, previously vowed to sign the legislation if it makes it to his desk. After the House vote assuring that it will, Kemp tweeted a statement.

God bless the Republican Appointees on the Supreme Court!

What a time to be alive!

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