When You Go After the King, You Better Not Miss! That Pendulum Is Ready, Willing & Able To Not Only Swing Back But To Decapitate Some People……

They went after our President with everything they had and failed. Now the tide has turned and they are scared out of their minds.

She knows the ramifications for what she did.

Our President did a press conference with the MSM earlier today.

He also has been tweeting today. Look at the number of likes. They are three to four times more than he usually gets.

Alan Dershowitz also goes after the media.

A reckoning is coming for every single POS that was involved in this. Our President is an APEX PREDATOR! Kill and kill again is the rule in the fields he roams. He knows their are millions upon millions of Americans that can’t wait to feast with him.

These POS that call themselves Democrats can refuse to believe the findings all they want. There will be a price to pay for them as well.

They will be screaming like this snowflake did on Inauguration Day.

They went after his family! That is why many of them will wish they were never born when he is done with them!

We need to thank PATRIOTS like Rep. Jim Jordan for standing by our President and fighting for him every single day.

Let the fun begin!

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