News Roundup! Immigration, the Wall, Economy, ISIS, Terrorism, Special Elections etc……

There is so much that is going on today that I decided to lump it all together.


From the article linked above:

The Defense Department has identified $12.8 billion in possible funding that it could use to fulfill President Trump’s call for a border wall.

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., released the 20-page spreadsheet on Twitter Monday night.

Trump last month declared a national emergency at the border, and said he wants to use $3.6 billion for border wall projects. The Pentagon’s list said it has found possible funding sources that are “in excess of the amount needed.”

Prior to the announcement about the additional $12.8 billion dollars, our President has already secured enough funds to build 50% of the WALL.


From the article linked above:

So much for Nancy Pelosi’s vow that Democrats would never let President Trump build his “immoral” wall.

The Democratic speaker of the House was adamant that “we’re not doing a wall” in January, when she thought that her new House majority would be able to easily stymie the President’s efforts to secure the border, but it turns out that she was wrong in just about every way possible.

As the Daily Caller reported Thursday, President Trump’s experts have directed enough funds since he took office to build more than half of the 722 miles of wall we need to protect the porous border with Mexico. About 111 miles are either currently under construction or have already been built.


We were able to flip another Democrat seat last night!



Also in Jacksonville, FL, the GOP had a tremendous showing. Florida is turning more and more RED as time goes by.




The Economic Train continues to build speed and pickup passengers as she steams across the country.



From the article linked above:

  • The new facility is scheduled to open in the next two years.
  • It will take new commercial-grade hybrid models and incorporate the self-driving technology needed to turn them into autonomous vehicles.
  • Ford’s development of autonomous and electric vehicles is at the core of CEO Jim Hackett’s plan to remake the automaker.

The new autonomous vehicle, or AV, facility is part of a $900 million investment Ford announced in 2017 to restructure its manufacturing footprint in Michigan. Ultimately, it’s expected to create up to 900 new jobs by 2023. That includes adding a second shift in 2023 at the company’s final assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, to build an all-electric vehicle the company has yet to announce.

Good luck to the Democrats that are running on packing the Supreme Court if they win in 2020. Americans don’t want to see it happen!


From the article linked above:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 27% of Likely U.S. Voters favor increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Fifty-one percent (51%) are opposed, but 22% are undecided.

Our President used a visual to show how much territory ISIS occupied prior to his presidency versus what is left today.




You can watch the entire press conference at the link below.


Meanwhile in Italy, this tragedy happened.





Our President is currently delivering remarks at the Lima Army Tank Plant in Ohio. You can use the link below if you are interested in watching.



We are blessed to have PDJT as our President!

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