WOW! Today’s Decision From the Supreme Court Is Devastating for Illegals, Democrats, CoC, Koch Brothers, RINOs etc……

The Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 decision today to overturn the ruling from the 9th Circuit restricting when illegal aliens could be detained and deported.

The SCOTUS ruling (full pdf below) was in favor of PDJT’s administration, allowing federal officials to detain and deport illegal aliens after they have served their time in the U.S. for other crimes regardless of whether they were picked up immediately or later, after criminal release.

The 9th Circuit Court previously ruled that ICE would have to detain illegal aliens immediately after release or they would be exempt from later detainment. SCOTUS eliminated that restriction and affirmed detainment and deportation at any time after criminal release.

From the article linked above:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday endorsed the U.S. government’s authority to detain immigrants awaiting deportation anytime – potentially even years – after they have completed prison terms for criminal convictions, handing President Donald Trump a victory as he pursues hardline immigration policies.

The court ruled 5-4 along ideological lines, with its conservative justices in the majority and its liberal justices dissenting, that federal authorities could place such immigrants into indefinite detention anytime without the possibility of bail, not just immediately after they finish prison sentences.

Alito wrote that it is not the court’s job to impose a time limit for when immigrants can be detained after serving a prison sentence. Alito noted that the court has previously said that “an official’s crucial duties are better carried out late than never.” Alito said the challengers’ assertion that immigrants had to be detained within 24 hours of ending a prison sentence is “especially hard to swallow.”

Justice Kavanaugh left his mark!

Hispanic Americans are celebrating this win! They are supporting our President in record numbers. Even the BS skewed CNN Poll showed our President’s Approval amongst Hispanics at 34% (don’t forget it was skewed +7 for Democrats when nationally Republicans and Democrats each have 30% of voters).

Our President only got 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 and still won! He will be much closer to 40% in 2020.

From the article linked above:

On Monday’s Erin Burnett OutFront, CNN’s Miguel Marquez noted that 34% of Latinos approved of Trump in a recent CNN poll. He said, as a puzzled Erin Burnett looked on, that though a majority of Latinos disapprove of Trump, there are plenty who live along the U.S.-Mexico border who support Trump, believe that there is a “national emergency” at the border, and would like to see the size of the border walldoubledor “tripled.”

Rolando Rodriguez, who lives a mile from the border in McAllen, Texas, said he wants a 2,600-mile border wall that is “longer and taller.”

When asked how much taller he wants the border wall to be, Rodriguez replied, “twice as much at least.”

We are WINNING and it feels so good!

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