The Magnitude of Today’s Meeting Between PDJT & President Bolsonaro Of Brazil Can Be Felt All Over the World! Especially In China…..

I cannot overemphasize what the visit by President Bolsonaro of Brazil to the White House means for China.

I wrote the following thread and article on March 9th:


From the article linked above:

China is completely reliant on soybeans as a protein-rich animal feed (especially for their pigs) and as a cooking oil.  The U.S. is the worlds largest producer of soybeans at 108 million metric tonnes. Brazil is the second largest producer with around 87 million metric tonnes.

This article was written in 2013. It is relevant today to China’s needs when it comes to soybeans.

From the article linked above:

Four numbers tell the story of the explosive growth of soybean consumption in China. In 1995, China was producing 14 million tons of soybeans and it was consuming 14 million tons. In 2011, it was still producing 14 million tons of soybeans—but it was consuming 70 million tons, meaning that 56 million tons had to be imported.


Brazil would love to have an American military presence in their country.

The White House put the following Press Briefing out yesterday.

From the article linked above:

The U.S.-Brazil relationship has always been one of potential, but yet it always seemed that that potential has never been met. This time, it is different. This is a historic remaking of the U.S.-Brazil relationship, where there’s truly going to be a North-South axis of the two largest economies in the Western Hemisphere and a true partnership of the two largest economies in the Western Hemisphere.

Q: My first question is regarding the use of the Alcântara base. Does the U.S. need to confirm it by the U.S. Congress? And the second question is: What are the concrete steps being taken by the U.S. government to increase trade cooperation with Brazil?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: So, going to the first question, I think that is in line with what we were previously talking about in regards to the Technology Safeguards Agreement. And that was understanding. I’m not sure, in regards to whether — I don’t believe that it needs to go to Congress. We can get you a follow-up after with that, for sure. But, obviously, that is a big development and it goes back to what I was saying in regards to the U.S. commercial space (inaudible) and the closer defense cooperation. And we think that that’s a great development.

President Bolsonaro was on with Shannon Bream last night. You can watch the interview in the tweet below:






You can watch the Joint Press Conference starting at 1:45 PM by using the link below.


President Bolsonaro is described as the Brazilian DJT. Both men are Nationalists and share a similar geopolitical outlook.

The Dragon is messing with the wrong EAGLE 🦅!

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