It Is the 18th Weekend For the Yellow Vests & They Are Only Growing In Size & Getting Angrier!

While our President decided to tweet earlier today about the Yellow Vests, French President Macron was enjoying some wine with his wife and friends as if everything is just perfect in his country.

Macron can enjoy his weekend getaways for now but he knows the Yellow Vests want one of two things to occur. Either he resigns or he loses his head.

The intensity of the protests are starting to pickup as the Yellow Vests fight back and begin to burn their country.

Here is a photo that shows the difference between a country that allowed itself to be invaded versus a country that said NO to the invaders.

From the article linked above:

Store windows on the Champs-Élysées were smashed on Saturday as the “Yellow Vests” protested for the 18th weekend.

Thousands of protesters began marching in November of last yearto protest a gas tax hike and demanded French President Emmanuel Macron resign.

The French police have used water cannons, tear gas and flash bombs to get the protests under control, but the Yellow Vest protesters refuse to back down, risking their lives to fight against Globalism.

Windows were smashed and looters in black masks [Antifa] were stealing merchandise from many different shops on the Champs Élysées.

From the article linked above:

Saturday’s Yellow Vest protests have escalated in intensity as clashes with the police grew increasingly violent. 

After weeks of more moderate protests, France’s Yellow Vests are back in full swing following the end of President Macron’s unsuccessful ‘great debate’ – during which thousands of town halls were conducted over a two-month period in the hopes of solving national issues through citizen debates. 

And with no meaningful changes after nationwide cathartic venting, the Yellow Vests are back to angry demonstrations as the protests kick off their 18th week with an ‘ultimatum’ rally – marked by lootings, fires, and mayhem that organizers maintain are due to a radical minority.

What will tomorrow bring?

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