Another Week & More Winning For Americans! The Economic Train Is Having Fun……

What an absolutely incredible week for Americans of ALL colors. The Economic Train has delivered once again.

Lets take a look at the Stock Market this past week.

  • DJIA – went up 1.57% this week & up 10.81% YTD
  • Nasdaq – went up 3.78% this week & up 15.87% YTD
  • S&P 500 Index – went up 2.89% this week & up 12.59% YTD
  • Russell 2000 (my favorite) – went up 2.08% this week & up 15.20% YTD

Our President will be proven right because he is well on his way to being the BEST Jobs President ever.



From the article linked above:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) JOLTS reported the number of job openings continued to rise to 7.6 million on the last business day of January. The results came in above the high end of the forecast range.

The consensus forecast was just 7.2 million, with forecasts ranging from a low of 6.9 million to a high of 7.34 million.

Job openings increased in a number of industries, with the largest increases in wholesale trade (+91,000), real estate and rental and leasing (+60,000), and information (+41,000).


From the article linked above:

U.S. employers posted nearly 7.6 million open jobs in January, near a record high set in November, evidence that businesses are still hungry for workers despite signs the economy has slowed.

The Labor Department said Friday that hiring also rose and the number of people quitting their jobs picked up. Quits are a sign of a healthy economy, because people typically leave a job for another, usually higher-paying, one.

The tally of available jobs now outnumbers the unemployed by roughly 1 million. Openings began to outpace the unemployed last spring, for the first time in the 18 years the data has been tracked.

“The question now is, will workers be increasingly tempted to switch to new jobs or will their current employers raise wages to keep them?” said Nick Bunker, an economist at job listings website Indeed.



This tweet put such a big smile on my face!



From the article linked above:

The preliminary reading on consumer sentiment for March came in above the consensus forecast at 97.8, up from 95.2 in February. The gain was driven by rising optimism among working families.

The latest results represent a complete reversal as the prior bounce in sentiment was driven by households at the top of the income distribution.

The early March gain in sentiment was entirely due to households with incomes in the bottom two-thirds of the distribution, whose sentiment rose to 97.4 from 90.0 in February,” Richard Curtain, Chief Economist for the Survey of Consumers said.

“Sentiment fell among households with incomes in the top third to 98.5 in early March from 101.7 in February.”

Current Economic Conditions rose from 108.5 in February to 111.2 in March, while the Index of Consumer Expectations rose from 84.4 to 89.2.



The part of the Tax Reform Bill that will pay the biggest dividend for our President, Blacks and Hispanics is the Opportunity Zone Tax Legislation. This photo comes from a very large Democrat base in Tallahassee, FL.


This tweet is like sunlight to a vampire if you are a disciple of the previous POS. The numbers speak for themselves.


Americans are WINNING and the Economic Train continues to smile while picking up passengers and running over her enemies.

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