I Knew Our President Would Make the Signing Of His Veto A Special Event!

Earlier today I wrote the following thread and article:

In it I stated the following:

Our President will VETO this and make it a National Ceremony! He will wear it like a badge of honor. Once again the “Outsider” is doing everything he can to protect Americans while the SWAMP is doing everything they can to protect Open Borders.

Our President didn’t let me down!

From the article linked above:

Tonight at the Detroit Rally Steve Bannon broke the news that Border Angel parents will join President Trump on Friday when he vetoes the congressional bill blocking the president’s emergency declaration.

What a brilliant decision by our President! By having the Angel moms, dads, brothers, sisters, wives etc. present in the Oval Office to witness his signature vetoing the resolution against his National Emergency Declaration reinforces that he will keep his promise to honor their loved ones and our entire country.

Those 12 POS Republican Senators will have to watch it take place.

We are watching a once in a lifetime President in action. Please enjoy every minute of it!


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