Don’t Get Caught Up In the Weeds! Reality Is Coming Home To Roost…..

As the Left, MSM, Democrats, Globalists etc. try to somehow magically tie what happened in NZ to our President, remember what their motives are. The DAM is about to break wide open.

Our President understands exactly what is happening and decided to refocus us on the realities that BHO, HRC, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Yates, Strzok, Page, Nellie & Bruce Ohr, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, MSM etc. are facing.

The Mueller charade is on its last leg. AG Barr is beginning to show us exactly what he is made of!

Rep. Doug Collins from Georgia is continuing to release the testimonies of some of the POS referenced above.

Brian Cates (aka drawandstrike) has put together some incredible threads over the past 24 hours. The one below is on Peter Strzok’s testimony.

Brian gives us a synopsis of the Kramer deposition.

Lucifer may be burning in HELL but we on Earth will never ever forget his role in all of this!

From the article linked above:

  • David Kramer, a former State Department official, revealed in a court deposition that he had contact with a dozen reporters regarding the infamous Steele dossier.
  • Kramer, a longtime associate of John McCain, was BuzzFeed’s source for the dossier, which alleges a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Kremlin.
  • Kramer provided the dossier to CNN’s Carl Bernstein, as well as to several government officials, including Obama National Security Council official Celeste Wallander and Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

The DAM is getting closer and closer to busting wide open and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it!

Keep your eyes on the prize! We have waited patiently for it.

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