The Economic Train Doesn’t Care That the MSM, RINOs, Democrats, CoC, Globalists, Leftists etc. Run Away Whenever She Appears!

Every single time an economic report comes out, it feels like Christmas. Our Economy is absolutely killing it. There is no denying it. The MSM, RINOs, Democrats, CoC, Globalists, Leftists etc. can try to run but the Train won’t allow them to hide.

It is amazing to see when a President puts his entire heart and soul into Main Street instead of Wall Street. Our President bleeds RED, WHITE & BLUE. The creed that he lives by is AMERICA FIRST.

He is not only……


He is actually starting to…….


Our President has every right to feel great with the job that he and his administration are doing.


Americans are feeling the success of his Economic Agenda in their pockets.



Here is some more WINNING coming from the Economic Train!



From the article linked above:

Durable goods orders in the U.S. rose unexpectedly $0.9 billion in January, or 0.4% to $255.3 billion, easily beating the consensus forecast. Core-durable goods also beat the mark, rising 0.8%.

Durable goods do not need to be purchased frequently because they are designed to last for three years or more.

The consensus forecast was calling for a -0.6% decline, ranging from a low of -3.0% to a high of 1.8%. For the core, consensus forecast was calling for a 0.1 gain, ranging from a low of 0.0% to a high of 0.5%.

“There is nothing not to like in the Durable goods report,” Tim Anderson, analyst at TJM Investments said. “I interpret non-defense capital goods as being CapEx spending by industrial manufacturers.”



From the article linked above:

Construction spending in January more than quadrupled the consensus at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,279.6, 1.3% higher than December. Total construction spending for January was 0.3% higher than last year’s estimate of $1,276.3 billion.



From the article linked above:

The February’s NFIB Jobs Report found job creation among small businesses broke the 45-year record in February with a net addition of 0.52 workers per firm. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of owners reported hiring and trying to hire, with 49% of those owners reporting few or no qualified applicants for open positions.

The previous record was in May 1998 at 0.51 workers per firm. However, the skills gap continues to be a top challenge for employers.

“Owners still want to grow and expect they could sell more if they could hire employees to produce more,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “Small businesses want to expand in this growing economy but only if they can find qualified applicants for their open positions.”

Just look at the difference between the rate of inflation versus wages!


Look what ENERGY DOMINANCE means for everyday Americans!

(BLS Release) […] The all items index increased 1.5 percent for the 12 months ending February, a smaller increase than the 1.6-percent rise for the 12-months ending January. The index for all items less food and energy rose 2.1 percent over the last 12 months, a slightly smaller figure than the 2.2-percent increase for the period ending January. The food index rose 2.0 percent over the past year, its largest 12-month increase since the period ending April 2015. In contrast, the energy index declined 5.0 percent over the last 12 months. (read more)

Our LION knows that WE stand with him!



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