That Gun At the End Of the Nightstand Started To Sing Again Yesterday!

As the Mueller “Witch Hunt” is coming to a close, we are seeing maneuvers being made against the BHO cabal.

Rep. Doug Collins from Georgia will go into the history books as a PATRIOT.

From the article linked above:

Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins released the private testimony of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, but it’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch who may feel the sting.

According to Page’s testimony, which was made public on Tuesday, the FBI considered charging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with gross negligence under 18 U.S. Code § 793 for her alleged handling of classified information.

They really hoped and believed that our President would be taken out.

George wants answers and he is about to get them!

The gun at the end of the nightstand was listening intensively to the news yesterday and following our President’s tweets this morning (MUCH MORE TO COME).

It knows that the first victim will come much sooner rather than later!

Sen. Feinstein and many other POS are starting to get really nervous about our President’s MAGA Judges.

Our President retweeted the following which is a picture that can be interchanged with every single DEPLORABLE that loves his or her nation.

Never ever forget that our President is an APEX PREDATOR. Kill or be killed! The pendulum has swung as far as it could swing to the Left. Causing the force that it will swing back to be on nitro.

The gun is hoping that a few of them will take the cowardly way out. We will soon find out.


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