Generational Winning! We Just Flipped A Circuit Court & Many Other MAGA Judges On the Way….

Our President is setting records and building an Army of MAGA Judges with more on the way.




From the article linked above:

With the confirmation of a nominee to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, President Trump has for the first time in his presidency flipped an appeals court to now have a majority of Republican-appointed judges.

The approval of Paul Matey to the federal appeals court in Philadelphia on Tuesday marked a major milestone in the efforts by the president and the Republican-controlled Senate to reshape the federal judiciary.

The Senate approved Matey’s nomination in a 54-45 vote, and he is now the 35th appeals court nominee confirmed since Trump took office. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., was the only Democrat to join with his Republican colleagues in voting for Matey.

The president still has the opportunity to fill another vacancy on the Philadelphia-based appeals court, and if he is successful in doing so, it would bring the total of GOP-appointed judges to eight.

Tomorrow we will fill Justice Kavanaugh’s seat once Neomi Rao is confirmed to the District of Columbia Circuit.


Babies that were never given a chance are smiling in heaven because our President’s picks on the 6th Circuit sided with the State of Ohio (Majority) against Planned Parenthood receiving funding to perform abortions.



Also Majority Leader McConnell has the votes needed to invoke the “nuclear option” when it comes to debate time. Meaning all those District Judges and other Appointees can be processed more rapidly.


From the article linked above:

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told the Senate Republican Conference on Tuesday that he now has the votes to invoke the so-called nuclear option to significantly cut back the debate time on nominations, according to a person with direct knowledge of the remarks.

This person also said that McConnell, barring an unforeseen deal with Democrats, plans to move to change Senate rules at some point after next week’s congressional recess.

The rules change has been under consideration for weeks, and GOP leaders have clearly been moving in this direction, but McConnell’s comments at a closed-door lunch for Senate Republicans mark the first time he’d made clear to colleagues that the votes were in place. Republicans have considered taking the action to speed up a nominations process that has been bogged down by Democratic efforts to maximize the current 30 hours of debate allowed under Senate rules after filibusters are broken. Democrats have railed against the idea, which can be implemented with a simple majority vote. It would follow a 2017 rules change pushed by McConnell that lowered the filibuster threshold for Supreme Court nominees.

The rule change would lower the debate time allowed once a filibuster has been defeated from 30 hours to two hours. The change would apply to almost all judicial and executive branch nominees but not those for high-level positions such as Cabinet officials, federal appellate court judges and the members of the Supreme Court.

There are currently 154 vacancies with 64 nominees pending (you can find the list in the link below).


  • 11 Vacancies – U.S. Court of Appeals (8 Pending Nominees)
  • 129 Vacancies – U.S. District Courts (50 Pending Nominees)
  • 3 Vacancies – U.S. Court of International Trades (2 Pending Nominees)
  • 11 Vacancies – U.S. Court of Federal Claims (4 Pending Nominees)

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