Sometimes You Have To Take A Step Back & Get Out Of the Way Of A Trainwreak As It’s Happening!

The last few days have been wonderful as we watch the Democrat Party implode. The MSM isn’t able to protect them. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House in name only. The REAL Speaker of the House is AOC. This became apparent this week as the Democrats struggled to put forth an anti-Semitic Resolution on their lovable Somalian, IIhan Omar.

The real Speaker of the House decided to answer a few questions earlier on the topic.

The FAKE Speaker continues to make excuses.

IIhan Omar has the full support of former Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke.

Instead of condemning anti-Semitism, Democrats decided to bash our President on the House floor.

The Democrats have exposed themselves for what they really are and stand for.

Meanwhile our President is continuing to MAGA!

From the article linked above:

A surprisingly strong burst of job growth over the past year has led many economists to wonder: Where are all the workers coming from?

As recently as last spring, analysts had worried that hiring would slow as the pool of unemployed shrank. Many employers have complained for years that they could no longer find enough people to fill their open jobs.

Turns out they were both wrong.

The pace of hiring in 2018 was the most robust in three years, and for a surprising reason: Many more people have decided to look for work than experts had expected. The influx of those job seekers, if sustained, could help extend an economic expansion that is already the second-longest on record.

All Americans are Winning under PDJT.

Look at the latest record our President will achieve! This will guarantee generational WINNING!

From the article linked above:

Last week, the Senate confirmed the nomination of Eric Miller to the Ninth Circuit, and this week it has confirmed on successive days the nominations of Allison Jones Rushing to the Fourth Circuit (on Tuesday), Chad A. Readler to the Sixth Circuit (yesterday), and Eric E. Murphy also to the Sixth Circuit (today).

Republican leader Mitch McConnell also filed cloture motions today on the nominations of Paul B. Matey to the Third Circuit and of Neomi Rao to the D.C. Circuit, so I gather that those nominations will receive final floor votes next week.

Next week we are going to flip the 3rd Circuit when Paul B. Matey is confirmed!

For those that want information about the WALL, take a look at this.

From the article linked above:

One hundred eleven miles of new or replacement wall is either being built or is in progress on the southern border after Trump’s first two years in office, an administration official tells The Daily Caller.

All told, the administration has secured funding for approximately 445 miles of the total 722 miles desired by the Trump administration, a Caller analysis finds. The analysis holds only if all national emergency and executive action funding is upheld in court challenges.

The administration official stressed that this figure constitutes only 18-foot bollard wall fencing or 32-foot levee wall fencing, which is the barrier that Trump has emphasized as necessary.

Our President’s approval rating reached 50% again today in the Rasmussen Poll.

We are WINNING and there is nothing the Democrats, MSM, RINOs, Globalists, CoC etc. can do to stop it!

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