That Pendulum Is About To Decapitate the Democrats, MSM, RINOs etc.

The House Democrats decided today to go after our President. House Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler, has begun the process of digging into every aspect of PDJT’s personal and political life. The hope is twofold. Set him up to be impeached and to destroy his name and reputation before the 2020 Election.






The crazies are super excited! This is what they have been salivating about for the past two years. They want their pound of flesh.










They are about to cause that pendulum to decapitate themselves.





70% of Americans consider themselves moderate or conservative. They are going to be extremely upset about what the House Democrats have done with the power given to them in 2018. They were voted in to fix Healthcare not to go after PDJT.


Mark Simone is absolutely right!


The polling numbers will only get better as the Democrats push their stupidity.




This is what Americans care about and why they will destroy anyone that goes after our President because he won an election she wasn’t suppose to lose.





Our Lion will have the last laugh!


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