We Should Be Grateful For the Democrat Party! Their Craziness Will Guarantee the Survival Of Our Country……

Many people are concerned about the Democrats embracing Socialism/Communism. I actually sleep well at night hoping that they continue in their quest. 2020 will be a referendum on their political beliefs. Thankfully we have the best antidote made to man in PDJT.

Our President embraces Nationalism in all its glory. 65% to 70% of Americans love their country and want it to thrive both domestically and on the world stage. Our President embracing the American flag yesterday at CPAC was a visual that makes them proud.

The visual is LOVE between a President and his country!

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s re-election team sees signs that the campaign might be able to grow the coalition that stunned the political establishment and sent him to the White House two years ago.

“President Trump’s clear record of accomplishment for the American people should appeal to all voters, including those who did not vote in 2016,” said Kayleigh McEnany, newly named press secretary for the Trump campaign. “Thanks to President Trump, Americans are now benefiting from new jobs, bigger paychecks, leadership on the world stage, and the confirmation of Constitution-abiding judges.”

The Republican National Committee’s analysis of data from the president’s rally in El Paso last month — his first of the year — showed nearly a quarter of those who attended did not vote in any of the past four elections, including 2016. The numbers also showed that another 25 percent of those who attended the rally only voted in one out of the past four elections.

Of those who RSVP’d to the rally, 70 percent were Hispanic and nearly 50 percent were female. Additionally, 60 percent were between 26 and 55 years old, according to the RNC. Party officials see them as new voters available to them in 2020, especially since they were interested enough in Trump to attend a rally.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump’s successful agenda is reflected in the tens of thousands of new and non-traditional voters who attend his rallies and donate to us,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in a statement. “Once these voters show up, the RNC works hand-in-glove with the campaign to keep them involved and ensure they show up for President Trump on election day as well.”

They are also starting to realize that they can no longer downplay the Economic successes that everyday Americans are having because of PDJT’s economic agenda. This article put a BIG smile on the face of the Economic Train.

From the article linked above:

U.S. workers are experiencing larger wage growth than you’ve been reading in the news.

That’s according to a new study by a group of researchers at the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and Cleveland. The researchers conclude that average hourly earnings — or AHE —reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics understates real wage growth by “a notable amount,” according to a Feb. 26 blog post.

How is this possible? Because AHE isn’t measuring an individuals actual hourly wage growth like one might suspect. AHE reflects the “earnings share” weighted average growth in wages and hours, as well as “composition effects” as a result from earnings differences between individuals entering and leaving the workforce.

“People think about this as measuring what the average wage growth is for individuals in the labor market, but it’s not,” said Joseph Tracy, executive vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and co-author of the report. “Not in the way we normally think of it. It is a growth rate of this constructed overall average wage rate.”

“When you take an earnings weighted average you tend to get lower growth rate then if you treat all these individuals equally and just do a simple average of underlying wage growth,” Tracy said.

Winning is an absolutely wonderful thing for ALL Americans!

From the article linked above:

The job market doesn’t get much better than this. The U.S. economy has added jobs for 100 consecutive months. Unemployment recently touched its lowest level in 49 years. Workers are so scarce that, in many parts of the country, low-skill jobs are being handed out to pretty much anyone willing to take them—and high-skilled workers are in even shorter supply.

All sorts of people who have previously had trouble landing a job are now finding work. Racial minorities, those with less education and people working in the lowest-paying…

The future is brighter than you realize! I have my guy for 2025. The polling numbers below are staggering in a state that Republicans historically win by 0.1% to 3%. Governor DeSantis embraces TRUMPISM. He understands that it is the only way for our country to succeed. He has the playbook in his back pocket and is carrying it out each and every day.


From the article linked above:

Washington D.C.-based U.S. Term Limits recently ordered a survey to be done by Pulse Opinion Research to ask Florida voters how they feel about the new governor.

According to the poll, DeSantis has a 64 percent job approval rating among Florida voters, versus just 24 percent who disapprove.

DeSantis is also making significant gains among Florida democrats, garnering 46 percent approval versus 39 percent who disapprove.  

Also noteworthy, DeSantis has a 62 percent approval rate among Hispanic voters.  White voters gave him a 68 percent approval rating, while African Americans gave DeSantis a 40 percent approval rating.

He learned the power of Twitter from the master himself!

Our country is WINNING and will continue to win for years to come!

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