WOW Is That Pendulum Going To Swing Harder Than Ever!

I wrote the following thread early this morning.

Americans will never ever support a Party or politicians that think if a baby survives an abortion, he or she doesn’t deserve to live. The Democrats and those hoping to become our next President did just that earlier today.

Politico is trying hard to lump Republicans in with the Democrats that voted earlier today. IT WON’T WORK!

Only ONE Party supports INFANTICIDE!

For all the Democrats that think the Climate is the most important factor for everyday Americans, they got a slap of reality from one of their liberal polls.

They are so crazy they don’t know what to support and what not to. These MORONS are protesting the vote on their Utopian Bill.

This truly represents the Democrat Party of today! Normal Democrats will run as fast as they can from this group of crazies.

Meanwhile our President is fighting for ALL Americans whether in the womb or held hostage!

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