What A Time To Be Alive! Don’t Blink Or Else You May Miss It……

Future generations to come will wish they were around for the Presidency of Donald J. Trump!

We are a day away from the Second Summit between PDJT and Chairman Kim Jung-un. The possibilities are mind boggling. Chairman Kim has arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Here is the itinerary for Wednesday evening (local) / Wednesday morning (US EST):

PDJT will take part in his first meetings with North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un.

  • A one on one bilateral and greeting with Kim Jong-un
  • Then a social dinner (PDJT, Kim Jung-un + 2 officials from each delegation).  PDJT will be joined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.  Chairman Kim Jung-un will bring Vice Premier Kim Yung Chol and a third, yet unknown, associate.

While this is occurring, Venezuela is getting closer and closer to seeing Maduro step aside and his Socialist Utopia disappearing with him.

This clip is a perfect reminder of what happens to the citizens in a socialist country.

The Iranian Government is starting to show some serious chinks in its armor.

From the thread above:

Meanwhile in France, Macron is realizing his days on this Earth maybe numbered!

Don’t take any of it for granted! We are truly lucky to be alive to witness all of it.

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