The Chinese Realize That Time Is NOT On Their Side! Their Economy Is Closer To Collapse Than What the Pundits Will Tell You…..

In the 35 minute conversation in the Oval Office on Friday, there were two pivotal moments that told me that our Lion will get everything he wants. The first moment was when he asked the ASSASSIN, Peter Navarro, to say a few words. Those few words were glorious indeed!

You can find the entire transcript in the link below:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you. Yeah, it’s going very well.

Peter, would you like to say something? This is a gentleman that loves tariffs, by the way. He’s like me. He and I — he loves tariffs. Peter, go ahead.

MR. NAVARRO: I agree with you, sir. Tariffs are simple and they’re enforceable.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Right. Right. Okay. That’s all you have to say? But it’s — it’s true.

MR. NAVARRO: I wish the team luck.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Good. They’re doing a good job.

The second moment was epic because the Chinese thought they were going to get away with some MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) that would just amount to words and more importantly, broken promises.

Q Will the MOUs be a long-term deal? How long would your MOUs stay in place?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I think the MOU is going to be very short-term — no. I — we expect to go into — I don’t like MOUs because they don’t mean anything. To me, they don’t mean anything. I think you’re better off just going into a document. I was never a fan of an MOU.

AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: An MOU is a contract. It’s the way trade agreements are generally used. People refer to it like it’s a term sheet. It’s not a term sheet. It’s an actual contract between the two parties. A memorandum of understanding is a binding agreement between two people. And that’s what we’re talking about. It’s detailed; it covers everything in great detail. It’s just called a memorandum of understanding. That’s a legal term. It’s a contract.

Q And would you think that would be a very long-term deal, sir?

VICE PREMIER LIU: Yes. Yes. Yes. (Inaudible.) Yes.

AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: Contracts last while they last. There’s no term. They last while they last.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: By the way, I disagree. I think that a memorandum of understanding is not a contract to the extent that we want. We’re going to have — we’re doing a memorandum of understanding that will be put into a final contract, I assume. But, to me, the final contract is really the thing, Bob — and I think you mean that, too — is really the thing that means something.

A memorandum of understanding is exactly that: It’s a memorandum of what our understanding is. But, to me, the contract is — the real question is, Bob, so we do a memorandum of understanding, which, frankly, you could do or not do. I don’t care if you do it or not. To me, it doesn’t mean very much. But if you do a memorandum of — how long will it take to put that into a final, binding contract?

AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: From now on, we’re not using the word “memorandum of understanding” anymore. We’re going to the term “trade agreement.” All right?



AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: No more. We’ll never use the term again.


AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: We’ll have the same document. It’s going to be called a “trade agreement.” We’re never going to use “MOU” again.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Are they going to put that into another agreement?

AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: It’ll — what we’ll have will be a trade agreement that, if we have — we have major hurdles. I don’t want to put the cart in front of the horse. Assuming you decide on an agreement, it’ll signed by the two people. It’ll be a trade agreement between the United States and China. We’re not going to use (inaudible) —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Good. Good. I like that much better. I like that term much better.

AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: Do you agree with that?

VICE PREMIER LIU: Okay. I agree. I fully agree.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don’t — I wouldn’t go into a memorandum. I would go right into a trade agreement. Either you’re going to make a deal, or you’re not. To have these other agreements doesn’t mean anything —

AMBASSADOR LIGHTHIZER: We’re never using that word again.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: — because they’re not that meaningful, in my opinion. But anyway, I like that much better.

PDJT within those 4 minutes absolutely NUKED President Xi and all of China!

He isn’t buying any of that MOU nonsense; Our Lion wants a cemented, contractual, binding trade agreement, nothing less… In essence: stuff that MOU nonsense, get me a BINDING Agreement or else face the consequences.

Keep in mind the Chinese delegation has been working toward the duplicitous MOU scheme for months, and our President absolutely eviscerated it.

After two additional days of negotiations, our President tweeted the following:

I don’t want to get your hopes or my hopes up high but I sense something epic is about to happen in Vietnam between PDJT and Chairman Kim Jung-un.

One hour later:

Vietnam here I come!

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