‪The MSM, Democrats, CoC, Globalists etc. Are Beginning To Realize That the Pendulum Is Swinging Back & Their Is Nothing They Can Do To Stop It…..‬

The Democrats have gone all in when it comes to late term abortions. A month or so ago we had NY and VA pass their laws. Vermont recently decided to one up them.

A recent leftist poll came out that actually put a big smile on my face because of the percentage movement within a month.

It must of killed Axios to run this story. However, Americans are taking notice.

Another issue is continuing to blowup in their faces. When the Democrats put illegals before Americans, Americans take notice.

Money talks and BS walks!

Democrats in large numbers want their Party to be much more Moderate. Problem for them is that the crazies will never allow it to happen.

The pendulum is swinging back and they are starting to realize it. It must have killed Politico to write this article but their own bias polls are showing them something big is happening with the groups that are suppose to hate PDJT the most.

What they fail to realize is that these groups are much more conservative than they think. When you are killing babies right before a mother gives birth or in some cases afterwards, you have reached the point of no return.

They also want their kids to have every opportunity possible to succeed. If you put illegals before Americans, you have reached the point of no return.

From the article linked above:


Trump’s Secret to Victory in 2020: Hispanic Voters

Yes, it’s true: The man who wants to build a wall to keep out immigrants is winning over just enough Latinos to get re-elected. Unless Democrats figure out how to stop him.

One month later, however, and Trump is making an aggressive play for Hispanic-American votes in Florida and beyond. Meanwhile, polls suggest Marist might have been onto something—and that Democrats should be worried that Hispanic voters could help reelect Trump and keep the Senate in Republican control. If so, it would be a cosmic twist of fate: A party that has staked its future on a belief that America’s demographic picture is changing decidedly in its favor could find itself losing to a man whose politics of fear should be driving precisely those voters into the Democrats’ waiting arms.

The Pendulum is swinging back and we have one man to thank.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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