Timing In Life Is Everything! The Democrat Party Embraced Socialism At A Perfect Time….

When historians do a look back at 2018 through 2024, they will talk about how the Democrat Party finally revealed their true colors (Socialism) against an unmovable force that embraced Nationalism and Capitalism in all its glory.

Our President since his incredible SOTU address has said repeatedly that America will NEVER be a Socialist Country. His historical phrase will be etched in stone.


Socialist/Communist, Bernie Sanders, announced earlier today that he is running to be President of the USA in 2020. Democrat loyalists are not happy that Bernie announced. He will guarantee that their Party will be as far Left as anyone could imagine. The further left they go, the larger the margin of victory will be for PDJT in 2020.

From the article linked above:

Bernie Sanders touted a now-deleted editorial claiming “the American dream is more apt to be realized” in Venezuela and other nations in South America.

The 77-year-old Vermont senator has repeatedly expressed support for the regime and system of government in Venezuela, though now he is attempting to distance himself at a time when the nation is collapsing.

In 2011, Senator Sanders published an editorial on a website called Valley News, which has since been scrubbed. It lamented “the fact” the U.S. “wealth gap is also a race gap.”

“These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger,” the editorial claimed. “Who’s the banana republic now?”

President Trump has taken aim at socialism and communism, and proclaimed there was “a new day” in the Western Hemisphere.

“We’re here to proclaim a new day is coming in Latin America,” President Trump said. “In Venezuela and across the Western Hemisphere socialism is dying and liberty, prosperity, and Democracy are being reborn.”

This is an area of Florida that votes in larger numbers for Democrat Candidates than Republican Candidates. Listen to what each of them had to say about Bernie Sanders and Socialism.

Yesterday the world had an opportunity to listen to our President discuss Socialism and Venezuela.

You can listen to the entire speech in the link below:

Thank you Socialist Democrats for embracing your calling! Our President will continue to MAGA and KAG for the next 6 years.

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