WARNING! No One In the Media and the Majority Of Politicians Don’t Want the Wall….. Don’t Allow Them To Gaslight You

I felt compelled to write this article based on what I have read from Q Treepers on the other thread and what I am seeing on Twitter. You have major bigwigs that don’t want the Wall for different reasons. The Koch Brothers, corporations etc. want cheap labor to come into our country. The Cartel payoff many politicians and MSM members to make sure articles and votes stop the building of the Wall.

In the El Chapo trial, we found out that the former President of Mexico, Pena Nieto, took close to $100 million in bribes. You know he wasn’t the only one. Many in our Congress today received plenty of money as well.

The Murdochs had Megyn Kelly try to eliminate our President at a debate because of his stance on Immigration. The CoC pay millions upon millions of dollars to politicians on both sides of the aisle to keep the border open.

I could go on and on with different examples. All these forces are out in full force this evening. They will not stop because their job is to sway public opinion and break our President from his growing base.

Here are some examples of the gaslighting:



For those that will tell you there were land mines put into the bill that will stop the President from being able to declare a National Emergency are lying to you.

More examples of gaslighting that are debunked

Our President has the best assassin in the world as his Chief Of Staff! Do you think he would be setting our President up?

The Uniparty thought our President would either resign or be impeached. Many of them also thought he was dumb and wouldn’t realize the power a President has. Guess when they gave him the authority to do what he is doing?

I think this tweet sums it up perfectly. Our President is an APEX PREDATOR. Never ever forget that for a single minute. Are there things that piss us off in the bill, yes. However, he needed Mitch to support him in declaring the National Emergency. Those things that piss you off were traded by our President to get Mitch’s support.


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