Our President played these POS in the Democrat and Republican Party beautifully. He will sign the appropriation bills once Congress passes it. It has already passed in the Senate and will be voted by the House later this evening.

He got the Turtle 🐢 to come out in support of him declaring a National Emergency for the remaining funds to complete the entire project. Nancy Pelosi will have the House terminate the National Emergency with a simple majority. However, with Mitch’s support, the bill will never be taken up for a vote in the Senate.

They will run to a liberal judge to put an injunction on the President’s declaration.

The problem for Nancy, the Democrats, RINOs, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. is that the Supreme Court will immediately hear the case and will put the injunction aside the same way they did with the travel ban. We will win with the Supreme Court since the President has the authority passed by Congress many decades ago.

Larry has been saying the following for the past two days. He is absolutely right!

Once again the Never Trumpers show themselves.

Our President shows Americans and the world that he will do everything in his power to protect our country.

God Bless and protect PDJT!


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