Democrats Got Played! Please Promise Not To Tell Anyone Until Friday Night…..

If you promise me you won’t share this with anyone, you are welcome to continue reading.

All you will hear from this point forward until PDJT decides he will sign the bill that will be passed out of the House and Senate is that the White House and President are not happy with what they came up with. $1.375 Billion is fare less than 5.7 Billion.

Listen to our President and hear what he had to say. HE IS NOT HAPPY! 

The talking seals in the MSM will run around elated that the President is not happy and feels like he lost with this bill.

From the article linked above:

Trump: ‘I’m not happy’ with border security deal, but another shutdown looks unlikely

  • President Trump says he is “not happy” with a deal to avoid a government shutdown but believes funding for the government will not lapse again.
  • Lawmakers reached a tentative agreement Monday night to keep the government running past a midnight Friday deadline.

People on our side will also come out blasting our President if he decides to take the deal.

You won’t hear much coming from the Democrats because Nancy insisted she would not give a $1 for the Wall. They will also keep quiet because they don’t want their mushrooms to realize how much the President got and that the Democrats got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back in return.

No relief for the TPS (Temporary Protective Status). No extension for DACA recipients. No reduction in the number of beds for illegals waiting to be deported.

What no one will share with you is a certain provision in the bill.

From the article linked above:

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that he assumes the president will accept the amount of wall funding in the deal struck by the conference committee, which will be short of $5.7 billion, and then move around money to make up the difference.

Graham said, “[W]e’ve allocated money to deal with drug corridors, but there’s also language in the appropriations bill where you can move around $4 billion inside the Department of Defense in the discretion of the secretary and the president. So, there’s well over $4 billion available to the president under current law, in addition to what the Congress will give him in this deal. 


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