Our President Is Destroying the Democrat Party! Americans Are Waking Up Bigly…

From the article linked above:

Trump’s approval rating among likely voters soars to his best in 23 MONTHS at 52 per cent after State of the Union address as border-wall shutdown talks intensify

  • Rasmussen Reports poll as Trump at 52 per cent approval, his best showing in 23 months and a higher number than his winning edge in 2016
  • Significant up-swing since government-shutdown low of 43 per cent
  • New numbers were collected in the three days immediately following State of the Union address
  • Asked what Monday’s number mean, a senior Democratic House aide confided on background: ‘I don’t know yet if it’s horrible, but it sure isn’t good’ 
  • Polling average is just 42.4 per cent, including mostly those surveys that are open to all Americans; Rasmussen polls only ‘likely voters’

From the article linked above:

Americans are more optimistic about their finances than they have been in 16 years, with 69 percent expecting their financial situation to improve in the next year, according to a survey released by Gallup on Feb. 11.

The optimism level is just two points off from a peak reached in 1998 when 71 percent were optimistic about their finances in the year ahead.

Half of Americans said they are better of now than they were a year ago, according to the survey (pdf). That number is the highest since the recession in 2007 and the first time since then that at least half of Americans said their situation had improved over the past year.

From the article linked above:

Crude oil production in Texas has beaten a previous record set in the 1970s, a new report from the Texas Independent Producers Royalty Owners Association stated.

Texas oil wells produced more than 1.54 billion barrels of crude in 2018, beating the previous record of 1.28 billion barrels set in 1973, TIPRO reported in its annual “State of Energy Report” early Monday morning.

Natural gas production also grew, reaching 8.8 trillion cubic feet in 2018, the report stated.

Local news is still telling their readers the truth!

From the article linked above:

Democrats are forsaking the African-American community with their politically motivated refusal to secure our borders.

In the 2018 elections, 90 percent of black Americans voted for Democrats. When asked by pollsters, 73 percent of them said they oppose Trump’s proposed border wall, yet roughly two-thirds identified border security as “an important issue.”

This apparent contradiction reveals that while Democrat rhetoric retains some power to captivate black voters, we can’t be deceived about the matters that impact us most.

No group in America has suffered more from decades of unchecked illegal immigration than African-Americans, yet Democrats expect us to compliantly support a radical open-borders agenda that promises us nothing but more hardship.

The Democrats think this is a winning issue.

She is petrified because as word gets out in these “Sanctuary Cities”, many will self deport rather than being removed and destroying any chance of getting a green card.

From the article linked above:

After North Carolina’s largest counties cut ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency said it’s been forced to adopt a “new normal”: one that resulted in the arrest of hundreds of immigrants living here illegally this week.

“This is the direct conclusion of dangerous policies of not cooperating with ICE,” said Sean Gallagher, who oversees the agency’s operation in the Carolinas and Georgia. “This forces my officers to go out onto the street to conduct more enforcement.”

Since December, newly elected sheriffs in the state’s two most populous counties — Mecklenburg and Wake — have reversed a policy that notifies ICE about the legal status of inmates in county jails. The Durham County Sheriff’s Office also ended the practice of honoring ICE detainers.

These changes, Gallagher said, have given the agency “no choice” but to conduct targeted enforcement across the state this week. “This is politics over public safety at its worst.”

And immigrant rights groups blasted ICE for stoking fear and using the decisions of local law enforcement to justify heightened ICE enforcement.

Nearly one-third of those taken into custody by ICE this week are what the agency calls “collateral” arrests: immigrants who are living here illegally but lack any kind of criminal conviction or pending charges.


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