The State Of Our Union

PDJT will be delivering the State of Our Union this evening at the Capital starting at 9:00 PM. Feel free to use the link below to watch it.

There is so much for our President to talk about because what he has done in two years has been absolutely amazing (video recap below).

I was listening to Rush this afternoon when he had KAC on his show. She said that our President will focus on his Economic Accomplishments so far.

Here are some of those accomplishments:

He will discuss the need to secure our border and the need for Immigration Reform. Do not expect him to discuss using a National Emergency to get it done because they want to see what the bipartisan committee comes up with. However, he released the following photo to John Roberts from Fox News.

Our President will also highlight something his predecessor was never able to accomplish, Prison Reform. Matthew Charles is one of the guests invited by our FLOTUS.

Our President will also talk about the fact that it is time for our men and women in uniform to come home from Syria and Afghanistan.

KAC also stated that our President is going to defend the most defenseless among us.


Thank you Father in Heaven for allowing our country one last chance to prove to you that we are worthy. PDJT was your gift to us.

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