Our President Is Looking To Bury the Democrat Party

The shutdown was concluded on Friday. The Democrats are celebrating the fact that they didn’t give PDJT a single penny for his Wall. They also are celebrating the so called hit he took to his approval rating. However, a poll was released today showing that Ms. Resistance took the biggest hit for her constant resistance.

From the article linked above:

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Speaker Nancy Pelosi – not President Donald Trump – plummeted most in popularity during the 35-day government shutdown.

The new poll shows the Speaker of the House experienced a 6-point drop in her approval rating. Only 28 percent of Americans rated Pelosi as favorable, while 47 percent rated her as unfavorable – a stunning 19 percent “upside down” unfavorable figure.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while voters in their poll did hold him responsible for the shutdown, Trump is down only 3 percent (43% approval) total since November, when the midterm elections were held. Hardly the roundhouse kick to the head that it could have been, given the bad mainstream press.

I think Old Nancy blinked today and decided she better allow our President to deliver his State Of The Union on Tuesday, February 5th.

For someone that “caved” according to the MSM, Leftists, Democrats etc., Americans are seeing it differently.

Nancy, the Democrats, MSM, CoC, Globalists, RINOs, Koch Brothers etc. have another serious problem on their hands. Americans expect them to live up to their end of the bargain when it comes to securing our border.

Especially in the states that will determine the 2020 Presidential Election.

The “New Democrats” in the House have some serious problems on their hands. Dan Bongino wrote about the poll Ronna McDaniel referenced in her tweet above.

From the article linked above:

A new poll focused on the seats of Nancy Pelosi’s most vulnerable allies — ten Democrat representatives of districts won by President Donald Trump in 2016 — paints a very different picture.

Regardless of how these districts voted in the midterm elections this past November, they support the President’s policies on border security, not Speaker Pelosi’s; and not by a slim margin. Sixty-one percent agree with the President, compared to 35 percent who are opposed.

That is on top of an economy that is absolutely allowing all types of Americans real opportunities.

This put tears in my eyes earlier today! God bless PDJT.

From the article linked above:

Disabled workers join job market at highest level in years amid low unemployment and stricter rules for claiming benefits

Like many adults with disabilities, Nathan Mort has often struggled to find and hold a job. A conservation group once declined his attempt to volunteer. The 37-year-old West Michigan native, who has a high-functioning form of autism, ended up living with his parents and dependent on government payments.

One thought on “Our President Is Looking To Bury the Democrat Party

  1. Good point on Pelosi – she dropped 2x as much as Trump, even if you believe those polling numbers are on point rather than painting overly optimistic picture for Dems as most poll numbers usually do. What’s more, I’d be willing to bet Trump’s AR bounces back faster than Nancy’s, assuming her numbers ever improve at all – they might well get worse!

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