Russian Roulette Is Being Played By Our President, Democrats and RINOs

Our President decided to open up the government without securing any funding for the Wall. The MSM, Democrats, CoC, Koch Brothers, RINOs, Never Trumpers etc. are in a state of euphoria this evening.

This tweet from Charlie Kirk explains it all. Our President is fighting against all of the folks referenced above. The UNIPARTY is joined in this crusade because they realize the one promise that will pry the President’s base from him is the Wall.

The Never Trumpers are out in full effect this evening!

However, our President has two options he will play and we will know which one he went with on February 15th.

Here is the game being played in my opinion.

The reality Dana Bash describes in the video above has been brought to a whole different level now that the Democrats got what they wanted in order to negotiate. Those voters will expect that the situation on the border get resolved so that our citizens are safe.

Our President should wait until February 12th to give his State of the Union address. There are multiple reasons why.

  • It will allow this window to play itself out and will show Americans whether the Democrats were serious or not.
  • The BEA would have had enough time to release the final real GDP rate for 2018. That rate will be 3%+ for the first time since 2005. Our President can share that his predecessor was never able to achieve it in all 8 years of his presidency.
  • Most Americans will have filed their Federal Income Taxes and will see with their own eyes how much of a benefit it made in their returns. I got my wife’s W2 yesterday and finalized her return. She received an additional $500 from her Federal Return compared to the year prior based on the new Tax Reform Bill. 90% of Americans will see something similar with their returns (many will be much higher).

The Wall will be built one of two ways. If it is done through legislation, it will be a Big agreement. Jared Kushner is currently working with both sides of the aisle on it. $20 to $25 billion in funding for the Wall and other items our President requested on Saturday in return for 1.8 million Dreamers getting a green card with the chance of becoming citizens after 10 years if certain conditions are met. Plus protection for the TPS population.

Anybody thinking the deals that were on the table will do it is absolutely kidding themselves. It only got 50 votes in the Senate yesterday with only 1 Democrat voting yes (Joe Manchin, WV).

If what I described above doesn’t happen, our President will declare the National Emergency on Friday, February 15th. The government will not be closed down again.  Option # 2 will be far worse for the Democrats in the long run. Yes they will find a Federal Judge that will place an Injunction. However, similar to the Travel Ban, the Supreme Court will decide rather quickly whether to lift the Injunction until the case is heard by them.

In the meantime construction begins immediately while the process in the Courts plays itself out. Democrats are screwed because of RBG’s current condition. February 18th is a major day for her and the Democrats. That is when the Supreme Court resumes and would require her to be there. My suspicions are that she won’t ever be back to the SC and will retire soon thereafter or regrettably move on to greener pastures.

The Supreme Court will have 5 Originalists on the bench plus Roberts who is completely neutered. Most decisions going forward would be 6-3. Roberts will not vote against the 5 since his vote won’t matter and would rather come off like he is one of them.

The Wall is now under construction with the reality that the Supreme Court will find in our President’s favor. DACA will not be heard this year. However, it will be heard when the Court starts the 2019 year in October. There is no question that it will be found unconstitutional and ended immediately. The Democrats played their game and ended up on the other end of the gun.

Our President has his Wall being built. That won’t be in the equation when negotiations begin. Democrats had multiple chances and tossed the Dreamers to the side. Our President will bring back his 4 pillars replacing the Wall with E-verify. The Merit Based System for future immigrants would be the 2nd pillar, ending Chain Migration would be the 3rd pillar and ending Catch and Release would be the 4th pillar.

As we head into the 2020 Election Cycle, our President will run on the fact that if re-elected, the Wall will be completed. The Democrat Candidate will run on the fact if elected, the Wall will never be completed.

PDJT will serve for another 4 years and will KAG!


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