Our President Is Playing the LONG Game! 21 Days & Counting….

I wrote the article and thread below yesterday.

Many of our President’s supporters were shocked by the decision our President made to reopen the government without any Wall funding. They saw it as him caving to the Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, MSM etc.

Our President had his reasons and is preparing the battlefield not only for the Wall being built but more importantly getting re-elected in 2020 so that he can KAG.

I reference this tweet again because it will only get worse for Democrats now that the government is reopened.

Another Q Treeper (Pat Frederick) said it perfectly in yesterday’s thread. She wrote the following:

I think people have trouble understanding our President because they go by their own experiences–in their dealings, their jobs, THEY want recognition–THEY want the legacy…POTUS does not. He is all about giving US the best country we can have after he’s gone. He doesn’t care what history thinks of him–he cares what history thinks of our country. This is what selfless love looks like–that’s why so many don’t get it.

Great tweet by Charlie Kirk about our President!

Our President was up this morning continuing to prepare the battlefield for the fights ahead.

Pay very close attention to this tweet. He introduces the MOAB of all MOABs for the first time I can recall. That laptop is the DEATH of ALL of them.


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