I KNEW THIS POS WOULD NEVER TESTIFY! It Got Me Banned & Blocked By SunnyD……

I wrote this five days ago at the Q Tree:


From the article linked above:

At this point I think SD and the BS he has and continues to peddle is complete garbage!

He wrote the following tonight:

Buzzfeed, Like Lawfare, Has a Role to Play in Resistance Operation….

From the article linked above:

The baseline here is that everything the institutional-left do, is sequential and planned. This is what they do.  This is all they do.  None of the characters within the institutions of professional leftism create anything; build anything; have a life purpose for anything, other than organizing their efforts to exploit control of others via politics.  This is all they known to do.  When you develop your skills to see their patterns you can then see the predictability behind it.

I will also say tonight that Michael Cohen will NOT testify on February 7th.

Here is why I am so confident:

I grew up in NYC and know that a POS like Cohen wanted in the worst way to have Donald J. Trump make him part of his circle. He would share everything with him. Everything that his father-in-law did when arriving in this country in 1975 from Ukraine. As a matter of fact, the father-in-law himself might have told our Lion because he asked our President to give Cohen a chance. He knew the father-in-law before knowing Cohen.

Cohen knows damn well that Gatez, Gohmert, Jordan and Meadows have been told everything and will get Cohen to lose his mind that day under oath. He will report to prison in early March and do his 3 years or he will take his own life.


Kill or be killed is the way he made his name in NYC and the way he is running his glorious presidency.

Look what was just reported:

From the article linked above:

A spokesman for Michael Cohen said Wednesday that President Trump’s long-time fixer will postpone his scheduled appearance before Congress next month.

Lanny Davis, who represents Cohen, said in a statement that the Feb. 7 hearing has been canceled, citing verbal attacks on Cohen and his relatives by Mr. Trump and the president’s attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani.

“Due to ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. Giuliani, as recently as this weekend, as well as Mr. Cohen’s continued cooperation with ongoing investigations, by advice of counsel, Mr. Cohen’s appearance will be postponed to a later date,” Mr. Davis said in the statement.

5 thoughts on “I KNEW THIS POS WOULD NEVER TESTIFY! It Got Me Banned & Blocked By SunnyD……

  1. My God. They are all so evil! The Buzzfeed lies were exposed so now they’re rolling out a new “impeachable” lie. My heart is breaking for our president.

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  2. Flep I am sorry to hear you got banned. I don’t see why that should be necessary and I will miss you on CTH. However I also should report that I cannot read the article you have linked from Qtree, because the link is broken. I would love to read the article you linked, if only to see what you wrote which apparently got you banned.

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    1. Me too exactly, Flep!! I can’t link to it either!!!

      I can’t imagine the Treehouse without you. It isn’t the same!!

      I am having problems following you, and I can’t follow Wolf at all. I can follow you on WordPress, but it doesn’t show your pictures and charts. On Google, I can see everything but the “likes” and “comments.” I have no idea why! So, I read your post on Google, and see the other on WordPress. 🤔


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