With 145 Federal Judicial Vacancies as of Today, Senator McConnell Is About To Change the Rules In the Senate To Assure They Are All Filled…..

In our President’s first two years in office, he has accomplished the following for our Federal Judicial System:

The current Judicial Vacancy count is at 145. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 12 … Circuit Court Judges
  • 120 … District Court Judges
  • 11 … US Court of Federal Claims
  • 2 … US Court of International Trade

In the link below you will be able to view where each vacancy currently exists.


The Democrats have been using every tool available to slow down the confirmation of many of our President’s nominees both for his administration as well as the Federal Courts. One mechanism that they use is the 30 hour of debate on the Senate floor after invoking cloture. This only allows 3 or 4 nominees to be processed each week they are in session.

Things are about to change BIGLY!

From the article linked above:

Senate Republicans are again considering using a controversial procedural maneuver to change how the chamber handles presidential nominations — a move that would significantly speed up processing of President Trump’s nominees and that of his successors in the White House. 

Typically, a nomination can be debated for a maximum of 30 hours on the Senate floor after senators invoke cloture, which is a vote that officially cuts off unlimited debate on a nomination and now only needs a simple majority to occur. But Republicans are mulling cutting short those 30 hours to as brief as two hours for relatively noncontroversial nominees, such as candidates for the district court.

Changing the Senate rules was one of several topics raised during a private Senate Republican retreat held at a conference center at Nationals Park on Thursday. While GOP senators discussed wanting support from Democrats to revise the rules — a process that would take 67 votes — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also raised the prospect of using the so-called “nuclear option” to change the rules unilaterally, according to two senators in attendance who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the closed-door retreat. 


One thought on “With 145 Federal Judicial Vacancies as of Today, Senator McConnell Is About To Change the Rules In the Senate To Assure They Are All Filled…..

  1. Not at all sure this has any chance of actually happening – look who McConnell is married to – however, I certainly *hope* you are correct in your prediction that the slow-walking is going to end! If it does, that would indeed be “BIGLY” MAGA news!

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