China’s Economy Is In TERRIBLE Shape! The European Union, Especially Germany & France Are Dying a Slow Death! Don’t Let Them Lie To You…

China is the NWO’s golden child in every sense of the word. The ultimate plan of the Bushes, Clinton, BHO, Globalists, CoC, Uniparty etc. was to allow China to become the dominant economic country while the USA withered away. It started with NAFTA and was put into overdrive when they allowed them to join the WTO. The plan was working incredibly well until the election of President Donald J. Trump.

Two years after he was sworn in, China is facing a tsunami that they never expected.

From the article linked above:

China’s export and import figures were much worse than expected in December, underscoring the rapid weakening of the Chinese economy.

Monday’s figures suggest the negative impact of the trade war may be greater than Chinese authorities previously estimated, and point to the need for a more rapid and larger economic stimulus to stabilize growth.

In December, total exports fell to US$221.25 billion, down 1.4 per cent from November and 4.4 per cent from the same month in 2017, according to data from China’s General Administration of Customs.

The December drop – the biggest since December 2016, when China grew at its slowest pace since 1990 – was unexpected, with analysts forecasting a 2 per cent rise, according to a Bloomberg survey.

Total imports fell to US$164.19 billion in December, a drop of 10 per cent from last month and down 7.6 per cent a year earlier.

Analysts had expected a 4.5 per cent rise, according to the Bloomberg survey. The December drop was the biggest since July 2016.

The drop in imports is another bad sign for the Chinese economic outlook, indicating a rapid weakening of Chinese domestic demand.

However, analysts expect the worst is yet to come for the Chinese economy, especially in the first half of this year, due in part to sagging demand from its domestic market.

“In all, the import slowdown is consistent with other signs that growth in China’s domestic economy continued to weaken,” said Louis Kuijs, head of Asia economics at Oxford Economics in a note published Monday.

Don’t get caught up in the fact that the trade surplus with us got wider. That had everything to do with China front loading a lot of their products fearing the 25% tariff that was suppose to begin on January 1, 2019 on $200 billion worth of exports to our country.

Plus China didn’t buy that many soybeans from our farmers in 2018. That is going to completely reverse itself in 2019 since the need for American soybeans is paramount for the Chinese people to live. Also sales of pork will skyrocket since most of the Chinese pork had to be slaughtered because of the African Swine Flu in October.

Our President and his Killers always said that the Chinese had to feel serious pain in order to realize it was time to negotiate. That PAIN is being felt and President Xi is ready, willing and able to bend a knee to the USA.


P.S. the European Union is seeing their two biggest economies continuing to be rocked and there is nothing they can do to reverse it!


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