If the Media Isn’t Reporting On It Is It Really Happening? Macron Has Two Choices; Either Resign or Lose His Head….

I now find myself waking up on Saturday and Sunday going directly to Twitter to see what is happening in France. For the ninth consecutive weekend, the Yellow Vests have not disappointed.

Macron is the future face of the European Union. Angela Merkel has already announced she is leaving the Ptime Minister post at the end of her 4th term in Germany. The Yellow Vests in France understand what Macron means not only to France but for the European Union.

Paul Joseph Watson is absolutely right that the Globalists are going to go all out against the Yellow Vests in the very near future because their Utopian Dream hangs in the balance.

The Globalist are also seeing the rise of Nationalism take root in Eastern Europe, Italy, USA, Brazil, Mexico etc. They realize with these powerful nationalistic countries, it is only a matter of time before they walk away from the European Union to create something entirely different.

Thank You 🙏 Yellow Vests for not disappointing me this morning. May God continue to protect you and provide you everything you need in order to defeat Satan and his demonic creatures.

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