Last Night Was An EPIC Failure for Chuck, Nancy, Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, Globalists etc.

When I first heard that the Democrats were requesting and were granted time to be on national television to rebut our President’s address, I was very angry. I can’t ever recall this happening before other than when a President speaks at the SOTU.

After watching Chuck & Nancy and reading articles throughout the day, it was absolutely brilliant for the two of them to have done what they did. It elevated our President’s address because the contrast was so dramatic between him and them.

From the article linked below:

President Trump pushed the wall while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer hit the ceiling.

That’s the short version of the dueling prime time television addresses.

The Democratic arguments for obstructing President Trump rather than the growing flood of migrants don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Politicians are best known for being all talk and no action, and Chuck Schumer is all in on that count.

He said we can re-open the government and continue the debate over border security — for another 30 years!

The Democrats hit the wall with their arguments. And they were stopped.

You know it was BAD when this PIECE OF GARBAGE decided to tweet the following:

For low info voters, image means a lot. As sad as that may be, it is a reality in the world we live. Our President was the caring leader who wants to fix a problem not only for Americans but also for young girls that make the trip from their country of origin and are brutally raped and in many circumstance become part of the statistics for Human Trafficking.

Brit Hume decided to rain on their parade today.

Even one of their own, James Carville, said that the Democrats shouldn’t have done the response! He takes his jabs at our President but he knows how devastating the Democrat response was for his Party.

From the article linked above:

Carville said of the Democratic response, “I don’t think they wanted to do it. I don’t think they should have done it. And I guarantee you at the staff meeting tomorrow morning, somebody is going to get, you know, chewed out pretty good about this whole thing.”


4 thoughts on “Last Night Was An EPIC Failure for Chuck, Nancy, Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, Globalists etc.

  1. Oh, I love it!!!! Wasn’t he great?! I called, then wrote both my Senators, and my Cogressman, asking them to stand with our POTUS!!! I followed up with an email to all three.

    I mentioned to my Senators “The Wall Act” that five of their colleagues have introduced, asking them to please either sign on, or introduce an even better act.

    Thanks, Flep for giving us all these great comments!!!

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    1. Good for you, Jan! You have reminded me that I need to do that. I was quite organized during the Kavanaugh confirmation process, and I need to do that again for The Wall. I made a list of Senators and Reps that I wanted to infuence, and then I called and wrote letters daily.

      I love that you took action. Our President asked us to, after all!

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