Generation Z Are Reaping the Benefits of PDJT’s Economy & Are Ready, Willing and Able to Carry TRUMPISM Forward For the Next 50+ Years

For those that know me, I am one of the biggest fans of Generation Z. Not based on wishful thinking but on polls that have been conducted over the past few years. Leftists, Democrats and the MSM won’t talk about them out of fear. The fear is as real as it gets.

There are 70 million that makeup Generation Z. Many are now saying they will be compared to the Great WWII Generation. They are truly conservative to the core. They were brought up in homes that had to live through the final 4 years of GWB and the 8 miserable years of BHO.

They saw the pain and damage that was done to their families, friends, relatives and others. They saw how close our country came to never being the same again. Many are know turning 22 years of age while the rest are from 5 to 22 years of age. They are seeing the rebirth of a Great Nation under an incredible President that only cares about the well being of every American.

They are seeing what the MSM, Deep State and Democrats are doing to him. They see their older peers (Millennials) taking everything for granted. Handouts and lack of drive and ambition. They understand their place in the world and more importantly in this country.

From the article linked above:

Generation Z, the generation coming up after Millennials, are proving that they’re going to be the next great generation in terms of not being an ungrateful waste of space.

A report from Vice last year pointed out that Gen Z, which consists of those born between the mid-’90s through the early 2000s are attempting to avoid the mistakes of millennials, and focus on getting jobs that pay well without acquiring useless degrees and crushing debt.

So ingrained is the idea of the importance of college in our culture to our prosperity that we’ve sidelined the very idea of skilled labor as a legitimate option, and even somewhat consider it beneath us.

Generation Z, however, is not making that mistake. As a result, more and more are moving away from the highrise office and looking more seriously at learning how to be an electrician or plumber.

From the article linked above:

Thousands of young Trump supporters gathered here last week for the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit.

They wore red MAGA hats, carried “socialism sucks” signs, and sat on the edge of their seats in the Palm Beach County Convention Center as speaker after speaker told them the left was out to destroy America.

The young, enthusiastic attendees are the future of American conservatism, evidence that Trumpism isn’t going anywhere


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