WOW! MAGAnomics is Seen Throughout Today

The consensus among Economists was that the December Jobs Report would reach 170K. No one was ready for what was reported this morning.

312,000 JOBS!

Our President rightfully put out the following tweet:

Lets take a closer look at the numbers:

* 312,000 new jobs

* 3.9% unemployment

* 3.2% wage growth

* 63.1 labor participation rate


There are many that are surprised to see the unemployment rate move from 3.7% to 3.9%. There is a reason for it and we should celebrate it. More than 400K workers that left the work force decided to get off the sidelines. This is what caused the unemployment rate to increase by 0.2%.

The reason we should celebrate the increase in the unemployment rate is the fact that many of those 400K people were getting government assistance (i.e. SNAP). Now they are no longer going to get government assistance but instead will begin to pay taxes from being employed.


We save on federal funds that were given to them each month and now we start to collect payroll taxes from them each time they receive a paycheck.

From the article linked above:

The health care, food services, construction and manufacturing sectors were the primary contributors to last month’s hiring.

Health care and education services added 82,000 jobs in December, the biggest jump since February 2012. Restaurants and drinking placed posted a net gain of 40,700 jobs. Builders added 38,000 construction jobs, while manufacturers increased their payrolls by 32,000 workers.

Businesses are still searching for more workers.

Our President is well on his way to being the BEST JOBS PRESIDENT ever!


13 thoughts on “WOW! MAGAnomics is Seen Throughout Today

  1. I’m so happy our hard-working President can enjoy all this good news while standing firm against all odds!!!! Thank you, Flep! This starts the year off great!!!

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    1. I absolutely agree with you Jan! The Economists just can’t comprehend MAGAnomics. Now the Fed is talking about cutting the interest rate by a 1/4 because they realize that it has had no effect on our economy but is destroying the world economies.

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  2. Fantastic Numbers!! Keep an eye out for something going on in Rose Garden today–May be to highlight this smokin hot jobs report or other economic news…

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    1. I actually think our President is going to wait to January 30th when the 4th Quarter but more importantly 2018 Annual real GDP rate is released. We are definitely going to be over 3% for the year. It hasn’t happened since 2005. It never happened during BHO’s 8 miserable years.

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  3. Great post, Flep! Such incredibly good news. I love that people are reentering the work force. It still seems odd to me that more than a third of us aren’t working. That still seems high to me, but I also don’t have the context of what it has been like historically or who is counted in that number.

    Overall, it is just full of good news! Thanks for pulling it all together for us.

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    1. The sad truth Sylvia is that the report looks at those between the ages of 18-54. I can’t begin to tell you how many Millennial men are sitting on the sideline with no interest what so ever about getting a job. The Participation Rate among Millennial women was outstanding this past month. As well as those aged 18-24 (GENERATION Z). Regrettably these men have no motivation to work. They are content staying in their parents basement and playing video games all day and night.

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